It’s been a busy period for Workspend and with the end of 2021 coming into view we wanted to share our hottest articles from the last quarter. Topics cover diversity in the workforce, the future of workforce management and talent management strategy.

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What is the ‘Workspend Way’?

Aug 10 | Talent Management and Strategy

This article discusses how Workspend, a Diversity MSP, is bringing fresh-thinking and value to large US employers. To describe this method of thinking we have coined it the ‘Workspend Way’. Learn what it means to our customers and why it makes us different from other MSP partners.

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A Surge in Average Weekly Earnings

Aug 10 | Future of Work

In July, Trading Economics reported a significant surge in average weekly earnings in both the US and UK. This article delves into the reason for this increase and what effect this may have on the respective job markets.

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Unboxing Inclusion

Jul 2 | Diversity and Fairness

As companies continue to diversify and expand their workforce to be more inclusive, it’s important to recognise that diversity can just happen, but the same can’t be said for inclusion. It is something that organizations must continuously work towards. In this article, Workspend gives three examples of actions that turn diversity into diversity AND inclusion.

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Workspend is a woman-led, diversity MSP with a global footprint that helps organizations to source, manage and nurture a flexible workforce as part of their total talent agendas.  We drive value from your contingent workforce; managing your hires and controlling the spend.  Our clients benefit from partnering with an MSP focused on outcomes and continuous year-on-year improvement that is also a diverse supplier.  Our innovations in technology, processes and compliance governance serve to bring our clients a competitive advantage.  To find out more about the benefits of using a Diverse MSP, find out here.