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Statement of Work Management

Our Statement of Work facilitation service maximizes the potential of SOW contracting to improve outcomes, leveraging the gig economy for timely and cost-effective project completion.

Move to SOW contracting without the hassle

While SOW makes sense, sometimes the technology investments, implementation challenges, and operational overheads can outweigh the advantages.  That’s where Workspend comes in.

We harness the advantages of SOW into joined-up service-led programs. Whether you’re looking for a completely outsourced turnkey plan or a modular approach, our flexible approach can help you achieve significant gains.  From the installation and configuration of cloud-based SOW software services, through to ongoing contractual support and executive reviews, we’re there to help you fully lever the potential of a contingent workforce.

What is a SOW?

A formal document used to define project-specific activities, deliverables and timelines for service providers, such as vendors, contractors, agencies or freelancers. SOWs frame contractor remuneration based on the achievement of project outcomes, as an alternative to paying for worked hours. It lets you:

1. Formalize the contractual relationship between two parties

2. Frame deliverables as series of waypoints

3. Qualify remuneration and the associated payment schedule

Why choose Workspend as your SOW partner?

Diverse supplier

Workspend is a woman-led, minority-certified company. Partnering with us means 100% of your SOW investments qualify as Tier 1 spend.

Driving value

We manage, govern, and enforce the SOW processes to fully maximize their potential – with every project underpinned by our commitment to delivering value.

We supply the tech

Our modular programs embrace leading-edge tech solutions that add ease of use and maximum value for all of its users.

Tailored to fit

Through partnerships with leading workforce management software vendors, we provision the most suitable SOW solution to meet your needs.

Benefits of our managed SOW approach

Adopt Faster

Our technology is designed on a ‘configure not customize’ approach cutting deployment time and cost

Mitigate Risk

Ensure compliance against regulatory frameworks

Reduce Admin

Simplify project oversight, cut admin overheads and demands on executives

Improve Efficiencies

with faster time to hire by automating SOW creation, publishing, acceptance, etc.


Control Costs

Reduce legal costs and time spent finding suppliers, formalizing contracts, etc.

Gain Visibility

Simplify project oversight, cut admin overheads and demands on executives

Is SOW right for you?

Let’s discuss how we can align your talent strategy to your business goals.