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Payroll Process Outsourcing

Your payroll is quite possibly your biggest single operating expense. Don’t leave it to chance. We have a transparent, fit-for-purpose solution that adapts and scales with your business. Workspend is a trusted payroll partner and EOR for your contingent workforce.


What is Payroll Process Outsourcing?

Firms increasingly rely on global flexible workforces to maximize and balance their productivity across their enterprise. However, managing a globally dispersed workforce can be challenging as every country has different payroll and tax regulations.  A Payroll Process Outsourcer takes on the responsibility of managing your payroll and applicable tax code obligations.  You can pass on some or all of your administration to a specialist third-party provider like Workspend.

We specialize in managing payroll for contingent workers (such as freelancers, independent contractors, vendors, and other non-employees). Our series of solutions – and a modular technology ecosystem based on best-in-class components – integrates with your existing business infrastructure to deliver reliable payroll services each pay cycle.

How it works

Key features of our solution

While our solutions are tailored to client needs, the key building blocks of our PPO service include:

  • Scoping your payroll requirements and designing a best-fit service delivery solution
  • Helping to establish base-line performance data (so you can measure how well you’re improving)
  • Marketing your brand to attract the talent you need
  • Managing compliance, risk, and governance
  • Minimizing payroll costs
  • Exposing and reporting any inconsistencies and abuse
  • Preventing over-paying for talent by reporting on market rates
  • Operating a platform that automates and optimizes processes

Who needs it

Do you need a PPO?

Sometimes payroll can become a business challenge or risk that’s better entrusted to specialists who do it as a core discipline.  Payroll, when not done right, can become a critical business-continuity risk.

You know when you need a Payroll Process Outsourcer when:

  • You have a high volume of contracts, difficulties in maintaining cost control
  • Administrative and corporate capacity burdens far exceed ‘cost of doing business’ acceptable levels
  • You need more transparency over indirect spend
  • Changes to legislative frameworks (and the law) make risks of co-employment and non-compliance too great
  • The number of supplier relationships makes the overheads of managing an on-demand workforce untenable

” 73% of global organizations outsource some aspect of payroll “

Deloitte Global Payroll Benchmarking Survey (2020)

Why choose us

What makes our solution stand out?

Workspend operates as an enterprise PPO partner to Fortune 2000 companies. We have developed a portfolio of client services, backed by proven processes and tools that streamline payroll duties, enabling us to operate at a lower cost. Clients choose us for their talent sourcing needs because they know we fully appreciate just how vital each addition to their company is. Quality is our top priority.

Our PPO and Employer of Record solutions include comprehensive onboarding. We ensure that all of our W-2s know they are (proudly) employees of Workspend and will be treated as a part of our team, not a number.

We have a drive for innovation and relentless pursuit of improvement in streamlining business outcomes. We stand out with our thoroughly documented and well-proven processes. We’re always happy to share the full details of our operating procedures with our clients. Transparency helps clients understand how we’re able to achieve a high level of performance more cost-effectively than our competitors.

Want to streamline your payroll? Reach out today.