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IC Compliance

Mitigate Risk & Ensure Integrity

Leverage our expertise to manage global independent contractor compliance and mitigate risks associated with worker misclassification.

What is IC Compliance?

IC compliance is essential for organizations engaging independent contractors (IC) to navigate regulatory requirements effectively. Without it, your organization is vulnerable to legal and financial risks.

IC Compliance ensures proper classification of workers, which minimizes risks such as legal penalties and reputational damage. By maintaining meticulous documentation and contract management practices, organizations uphold ethical standards and mitigate operational risks, enabling them to leverage the benefits of independent contractor engagements with confidence.

Key Features of IC Compliance

Streamline processes to enhance efficiency

Tailored invoicing solutions

Expert guidance on managing risks

Robust monitoring and reporting to track IC performance


Secure storage of crucial defense files

What makes our solution stand out?

At Workspend, our compliance specialists effectively screen contractors, provide recommendations, and accurately classify them according to your internal guidelines, legal mandates, and current labor regulations. Each independent contractor undergoes thorough evaluation upon onboarding, with annual re-evaluations to ensure ongoing compliance that meets your evolving needs. To enhance your defenses, our secure document repository stores detailed compliance records for swift access during audits.

Collaborative Program Design

Tailored solutions to meet your unique compliance needs.

Invoice Consolidation

Simplified invoicing makes tracking financials easier.

Complete Indemnification

Misclassification and co-employment are correctly addressed.

Our IC Compliance Process

Our compliance team has developed a preliminary assessment designed to easily identify situations that would not be compliant with federal and state independent contractor (IC) classifications laws. This assessment expedites the process for both our client and the independent contractor.

Complete questionnaires and provide requested documentation.



Workspend team reviews info to recommend worker classification.


Workspend gathers agreements (consulting, W-9, pay/bill) upon IC 1099 approval.


Not approved? W-2 onboarding at Workspend's rate.


We indemnify our clients from any misclassifications