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About Workspend

At Workspend, we are dedicated to helping organizations manage their global workforce effectively and profitably, with ease. Through our MSP 5D initiative, our team is committed to delivering exceptional results and helping our clients build a workforce that drives success.

Our Legacy

Workspend has always been a unique temporary staffing MSP and tier-1 diversity supplier. We’re known for our customer-centric, results-driven approach. Our reputation is based on our commitment to designing and delivering temporary staffing MSP solutions to drive continuous improvement for our clients.

Global organizations trust us to reduce operational costs, source quality workers and services, bring visibility to spend, and mitigate risk by ensuring compliance. They rely on our extensive industry expertise to manage programs across sectors including Life Sciences, Pharma, Financial Services, IT, Energy/Utilities, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, and Aerospace.


We responded to the changing market by fully articulating our distinct approach to delivering value to our clients.

We found that many businesses were increasingly dissatisfied with their temporary staffing MSP. In particular, MSPs serving new, medium-sized and niche programs have been inflexible in program solution design, unresponsive, failing to provide ongoing optimization and innovation. Consequently, a growing number of these businesses have been seeking something different.

Our MSP 5D approach is about putting the customer back in the center of solution design and delivery, maintaining a continuous service relationship driven by data and analytics.  Our MSP 5D approach encompasses five factors:


An unbiased, open minded, multi-level approach to opportunity


The information analysis required to capitalize on an opportunity


We design a temporary staffing MSP solution that fits seamlessly into clients’ programs


We deploy a solution to its full extent and maximize its value


Ongoing, enriching communications and service relationship



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