The Workspend Way

Forward-thinking. Flexible. Innovative. 

Who We Are

Workspend is a contingent workforce Managed Service Provider (MSP). We’re known for our forward-thinking, results-driven approach.  Always committed to continuous improvement, we harness innovation and a white-glove service ethos to achieve stand-out results for our clients.

As a diversity supplier and a global company, we know it takes more than technology alone to make a flexible workforce work.  Organizations around the world trust in Workspend to drive value from their contingent workforce programs and control spend— to bring access to quality talent, nurture an effective supplier base to make it available, and help establish a strategy to procure and manage it. We bring visibility to spend, mitigate risk, and always ensure compliance. 

Workspend levers its deep industry expertise to manage programs for some of the best brands in the world across sectors like Life Sciences, Pharma, Financial Services, Energy/Utilities, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Aerospace, and Technology.

The ‘Big Idea’

The ‘big idea’ that resulted in the birth of Workspend was the notion that a technology platform alone cannot take a company to its ideal workforce management state. While sound technology is fundamental, a human factor is needed to deliver the flexible workforce management outcomes that modern organizations seek to achieve.

Workspend people working image
Workspend people working image

Some Things You Can Take for Granted

  • We put customers first, operating as part of your team
  • We keep your data safe and always private
  • We’re committed to quality compliance
  • Always impassioned about the potential of technology
  • As a diverse supplier, we appreciate the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • We offer a white-glove service characterised by an exceptional level of care and attention to detail

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