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Workspend direct sourcing platform, empower seamless sourcing and engagement of both direct hires and contingent staff across your organization as well as cultivate a high-caliber private talent pool of candidates for open requisitions.

Workspend Direct Sourcing Platform

Direct Sourcing is Game Changing

Reduce Hiring Costs

Eliminate third-party agency fees and prioritize quality and time-to-fill metrics.

Diversify Hires

Access a pool of candidates who are already familiar with and interested in your brand, leading to higher quality hires who are likely to be more engaged and aligned with your company’s values.

Faster Hiring

Direct sourcing streamlines the recruitment process by utilizing a ready pool of engaged candidates, significantly reducing the time it takes to fill open positions.

Brand Enhancement

Leveraging the client brand ensures that candidates in our talent pool align with the high standards and values synonymous with your company’s values and culture.

What is Direct Sourcing?

Direct sourcing transforms talent acquisition by using your brand to establish a high-quality, engaged talent pool. This involves creating a pool of pre-screened, diverse talent to streamline hiring, facilitate the re-deployment of existing staff to suitable roles, and source contingent workers. Workspend Direct enables quick and cost-effective attraction and retention of the right people who align with your company’s culture and values. 

The Smart Way to hire

With a 31% reduction in time to submit applications, Direct Sourcing is revolutionizing the way we hire.

15% to 40% Cost Savings compared to typical staffing markups 

24% improvement in submittal-to-hire ratios 
41% reduction in applications to process per hire 
30% reduction in shortlisted candidates withdrawing per hire

Expose Your Hiring Process

Build Your Talent Pool

Utilize your brand's appeal to gather a diverse group of potential candidates from previous contingent workers, past applicants, social media followers, direct hire applicants & other brand interactions.


Maintain engagement with your talent pool through regular updates, newsletters, and job alerts to keep your company top of mind.


Efficiently hire from your talent pool of pre-screened candidates when positions open, speeding up the hiring process & ensuring a good fit for your company's culture & values.

Why Choose Us?

With decades of experience in recruitment and talent management, Workspend’s team brings unparalleled expertise to your direct sourcing initiatives. 

Technology Integration

Workspend leverages advanced technology platforms, including AI-driven matching systems, to streamline the sourcing process, ensuring a perfect match between job requirements and candidate skills. 

Compliance & Security

Workspend ensures rigorous compliance with employment laws to protect your company and candidates, providing a secure and reliable direct sourcing solution. 

Ready to level up your talent game?

Source, Engage, and Hire Like a Pro!