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Attend our subject-matter events to enhance your knowledge, network with industry professionals, and stay at the forefront of the evolving workforce landscape.

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September 16 – 17, 2024 | Live Event

CWS Summit North America

The largest event for contingent workforce management professionals and buyers of contingent labor

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What to expect

  • Sharpen your expertise. Learn the latest trends and best practices in contingent workforce management.
  • Expand your network. Forge valuable connections with peers and industry leaders.
  • Spark innovation. Discover creative solutions to optimize your contingent workforce strategy.

Join us at the largest and most dynamic gathering of contingent workforce professionals.

Connect with industry leaders, global organizations, and top businesses at the CWS Summit North America.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving world of contingent labor.

    October 20-23, 2024 | Live Event

    NMSDC Annual Conference & Exchange 2024

    The largest minority business conference in the world

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    More details coming soon

    Join us at the largest and most dynamic gathering of minority businesses in the world.

    Connect with corporate CEOs, procurement executives, supplier diversity professionals, and leading minority business owners.

      Join us at these upcoming industry events

      We’ll be attending these upcoming conferences to network, share insights, and learn from industry leaders. Stop by and say hello!

        Chief Procurement Officer Summit

        6 May – 7 May 2024

        The Ritz-Carlton Las Colinas Resort, Dallas

        CWS Summit Europe

        21-22 May 2024

        The Royal Lancaster Hotel, London

        Catch up on past events

        Feb 15, 2024 – 2 pm EST | Virtual Panel Discussion

        How to leverage analytics to manage your contingent workforce program

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        Explore how data analytics can inform contingent workforce and supply chain decisions

        Topics discussed:

        • What is meant by hiring and supply chain analytics?
        • What decisions can analytics inform?
        • How can analytics impact on the big decisions talent and procurement leaders need to make?
        • Is it the right time to invest in smarter analytics?
        • What does the future hold for hiring and supply chain analytics powered by AI?

        To what extent can the latest generation of data analytics tech inform strategic and day-to-day workforce decisions?

        Break free from hiring analytics slow lane! Advances in data analytics are transforming the contingent workforce industry. But is it enough to make bringing your MSP in-house viable, either now or soon?

          The industry is talking about how analytics tools can drive fact-based decision-making… but what decisions? What are you missing out on?

          Our panel will shed light on the game-changing power of actionable analytics to support the big decisions on the contingent workforce supply chain and drive continuous improvement in MSP outcomes.