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March 21, 2024 – 2 pm EST | Virtual Webinar

How Workspend’s WRAP analytics platform drives better MSP outcomes

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Energize your MSP results with hiring analytics

Discussion topics will include:

  • How can analytics drive MSP program continuous improvement?
  • What does a WRAP implementation look like?
  • How Workspend WRAP works.

Join our webinar hosted by Shane Corso, Vice President of Sales, with Mindi Meyer and Andrew Lawrie of the Workspend WRAP technology and implementation team to see how spend and hiring analytics has become the change agent for continuous improvement in outsourced and in-house MSP programs.

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      April 03 – 05, 2024 | Live Event

      ProcureCon Contingent Staffing

      The Conference Where Contingent Workforce Sourcing Leaders Connect and Inspire

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      Set your contingent labor strategy up for success

      What to expect

      • Detailed strategies on how to source and hire top candidates in a complex and uncertain job market
      • Over 20 hours of intimate networking opportunities, thought-provoking roundtables, and fun cocktail receptions
      • Lear from success stories and challenges among staffing firms
      We are thrilled to announce that our Chief Revenue Officer, Adam Klaucke, will be speaking at ProcureCon Contingent Staffing, on 3-5 April. This event is the contingent workforce sourcing leaders portal to actionable strategies and insights from top contingent staffing professionals, set against the dynamic backdrop of today’s job market.
      Stay tuned for more information!

        Meet 200+ sourcing leaders, sharing insights and stories. The agenda features 50+ industry experts across multiple tracks, allowing customization to your professional needs. Engage deeply with workshops, think-tanks, and roundtables, benchmarking and uncovering best practices.

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            Catchup On Past Events

            Feb 15, 2024 – 2 pm EST | Virtual Panel Discussion

            How to leverage analytics to manage your contingent workforce program

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            Explore how data analytics can inform contingent workforce and supply chain decisions

            Discussion topics will include:

            • What is meant by hiring and supply chain analytics?
            • What decisions can analytics inform?
            • How can analytics impact on the big decisions talent and procurement leaders need to make?
            • Is it the right time to invest in smarter analytics?
            • What does the future hold for hiring and supply chain analytics powered by AI?

            To what extent can the latest generation of data analytics tech inform strategic and day-to-day workforce decisions?

            Break free from hiring analytics slow lane! Advances in data analytics are transforming the contingent workforce industry. But is it enough to make bringing your MSP in-house viable, either now or soon?

               The industry is talking about how analytics tools can drive fact-based decision-making… but what decisions? What are you missing out on?

              Our panel will shed light on the game-changing power of actionable analytics to support the big decisions on the contingent workforce supply chain and drive continuous improvement in MSP outcomes.