Talent at war

The world of talent has been thrown into a melting pot as a consequence of societal changes brought about by the pandemic. Who will the winners and losers be?The next normalThis week, PwC offered its workers the opportunity to permanently work from home, expecting...

Top 3 articles this quarter

It’s been a busy period for Workspend and with the end of 2021 coming into view we wanted to share our hottest articles from the last quarter. Topics cover diversity in the workforce, the future of workforce management and talent management strategy. Click the links...

Women In Charge

Statistics reveal a rise in women taking up leadership positions. What is causing more women to become entrepreneurs?

Can you understand your workforce better by understanding when they shower?

The future of work looks different but, for workers, whether that’s good news depends on what work you do. Employers must re-think their internal communications plan or risk a mass walkout of talent.When do you shower?McKinsey and Co. have been writing some great...

Workspend—A Powerhouse in Retail Flexible Workforce

The MSP industry has experienced a dramatic shift of demand beyond IT and professional skills to a broader portfolio of Light Industrial flexible roles, mostly in manufacturing and distribution. Find out how and what to look for in a Retail Grocery Contingent...

What is ‘The Workspend Way?’

How a Diversity MSP is bringing fresh-thinking and value to large US employers by returning to the roots of customer serviceCorner Store Convenience Blended with Boutique TouchesShopkeepers know a few things about customer service. They know an audience that keeps...

A Surge in Average Weekly Earnings

Trading Economics’ latest report has noted a significant surge in average weekly earnings in both the US and UK. For example, the UK saw a jump of 7.3% increase on the previous July, whereas the US saw a 14.56% increase on the previous year back in April and 10.1%...

Poll Results: Should organizations give employees the right to ‘switch off’?

We asked our LinkedIn audience. It follows news in Europe that France has made into law the right for workers not to have to look at work email out of work hours.

Unboxing Inclusion

How talent strategies need to adapt to achieve true diversity Read our latest article for perspectives on diversity and inclusion in the workplace for three great tips to make your diversity and inclusion workforce strategy a success. Employing individuals from...

Building workforce skills at scale to thrive during—and after—the COVID-19 crisis

McKinsey has written a interesting report on how skill building is becoming common practice, social and emotional skills are in demand, and there’s a recipe for successful skill transformations.

Latest Articles

MSP 2.0: Revisiting Contingent Workforce Sourcing Post COVID-19

As things settle down and all of us start adjusting to the ‘new’ normal, HR and Talent Acquisition Metrics will now need to be reconsidered. Find out how the Managed Service Provisioning to source Contingent Workforce is changing. 

Rempathy = Remote + Empathy

The Workspend Managed Service Provider (MSP) program approach is continuously improving.  While it’s been around for years, many organizations have still yet to install control and governance across their contingent workforce supply chain.  Discover how we bring more value to clients at Workspend.

Workspend Advisory Services (WAS) Implementation

.A traditional managed service provider’s (MSP) implementation plan begins with the review of a client’s existing workflows to uncover opportunities for process improvements and ends with a list of future-state requirements.  Learn about how an MSP implementation works

Workspend’s Strategic Center of Operational Excellence (SCOE)

To bring a competitive value-add to its clients, Workspend’s Strategic Center of Operational Excellence (SCOE) houses a program office, project managers, consultants, operational experts, technologists, and data science personnel, all focused on contingent workforce management. Explore how it works…

 Workspend’s Design Thinking Service Delivery Model

A traditional managed service provider (MSP) solution’s plan begins with analyzing the prevailing business constraints in a talent supply chain and then addresses the standard set of program issues using a well-worn solutions playbook.  But this can lead to a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Find out how we tailor solutions to fit your needs at Workspend

COVID-19 is Re-Shaping Talent Markets

COVID-19 has changed the world of work forever. Is your talent acquisition approach ready for the inevitable drop in employment demand, followed by a huge upsurge in demand for contingent talent? Find out how you can secure the top talent for your business by being an early bird while the talent you need is still available and highly affordable.

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