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Flexible workforce solutions shaped to be your ideal fit

As a leading diverse supplier, we help enterprises attract and retain the right talent on-demand.

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Grow workforce spend visibility

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Drive cost savings & process efficiency

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Mitigate critical compliance risk

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Boost talent sourcing and quality of hire

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Improve satisfaction of internal stakeholders

Our flex solutions

What makes Workspend different is our unique approach to customer engagement and contingent workforce solutions.

  • We take an individualized voice of the customer approach to design and deliver budget-sensitive solutions to each customer’s unique, high-priority problems and challenges.
  • Seeing solution design and delivery as just a starting point to an ongoing, data-driven search for solution optimization / improvement and program development opportunities.

Our customers find our flexible (bundled and unbundled) tailored solution approach a breakthrough in an industry where pre-set, one-size-fits all offerings and an absence of on-going customer support has been the norm. 

Solutions tailored for you

Through our MSP 5D approach, we design and deliver tailored solutions for each customer across established areas of expertise:

Workspend Reporting and Analytics Platform

Payroll / Employer of Record (EOR)

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Supplier and Talent Diversity

Staff Aug Management

Statement of Work

Direct Sourcing

IC Compliance / AOR

Workspend Reporting and Analytics Portal icon

Workspend Reporting and Analytics Platform (WRAP)

At Workspend, we understand the significance of data-drivern decision-making. Our reporting and analytics portal (WRAP) enables you to see real time performance data across your program.

Our reporting and analytics expertise, coupled with our commitment to ongoing improvement, ensures that you have the necessary tools and insights to navigate the contingent workforce landscape effectively and efficiently. Ask us about WRAP today.

    Key Solution Components 

    • Powerful performance management and data analytics platform to manage and improve contingent workforce program performance
    • Seamless integration with program VMS and other third-party systems
    • Labor market pricing data to inform your rate-card decisions
    • A wide range of dashboards and insightful analytical views
    • Rich interactive data visualizations and scorecards
    • Downloadable reports
    • Easy output to Microsoft Excel and PowerBI
    • Our proprietary platform is built on a State-of-the-art cloud SaaS model
    • Browser-based access from anywhere 24/7
    • Role-specific and permission-based access configurable for each user
    • Latest security standards and compliance with data privacy regulations

        Key Benefits 

        • Drive decisions based on current data and analytics
        • Deliver actionable insights to program leaders and hiring managers
        • Instantly access to up-to-date and quality-audited data
        • Make decisions based upon the best possible knowledge available
        • Monitor outcomes of decisions and practices over time
        • Customize to suit each client’s needs
        • Allow suppliers to access up-to-date performance data anytime
        • Scalable and configurable to meet individual client requirements
        • Save time and effort in generating reports for use across your organization
            Staff Aug Management<br />

            Staff Augmentation Management

            Staff Augmentation Management is typically table stakes for organizations pursuing a formal contingent workforce management program and a solid opportunity to gain visibility into the temporary workforce. 

              Key Solution Components 

              • Collaborative program design and delivery 
              • Technology selection and configuration (if needed) 
              • Staffing supplier onboarding and management  
              • Rate card management and optimization 
              • Candidate sourcing and vetting  
              • Candidate selection/hiring support 
              • Invoice processing 
              • Reporting and analytics 

                Key Benefits 

                • Achieve spend visibility and management 
                • Reduce and control cost of contingent workers 
                • Increase process and automation efficiencies 
                • Minimize co-employment risk 
                • Ensure compliance with laws and regulations 
                • Improve sourcing pipeline and candidate quality  
                • Include diversity suppliers
                  Statement of Work contract icon

                  Statement of Work (SOW)

                  The management of SOW-based projects performed by external service provider businesses is an evergreen opportunity to achieve cost savings and reign in non-compliance.

                    Key Solution Components 

                    • Collaborative program design and delivery
                    • Technology selection and configuration (if needed)
                    • Service provider/supplier sourcing and management
                    • SOW/contract development support
                    • Supplier selection support
                    • Screening of non-compliant SOW spend
                    • SOW engagement administration
                    • Invoice processing
                    • Reporting and analytics

                      Key Benefits 

                      • Achieve visibility into significant non-managed spend
                      • Reduce and control cost of SOW services
                      • Increase process and automation efficiencies
                      • Ensure supplier compliance with laws and regulations
                      • Screen out non-compliant SOW services spend
                      • Improve supplier performance and quality of services performed/delivered
                      • and more
                        Payroll services icon

                        Payrolling / Employer of Record (EoR)

                        Payrolling and employer of record services provide businesses with a cost-effective and compliant way to engage and pay individual contract workers not sourced/employed by a staffing supplier or service provider.   

                          Key Solution Components 

                          • Collaborative program design and delivery
                          • Worker onboarding
                          • Worker administration
                          • Worker off-boarding
                          • Payroll processing
                          • Worker benefits offerings
                          • Tax reporting
                          • Reporting and analytics

                            Key Benefits 

                            • Eliminate classification and co-employment risks
                            • Avoid 3rd party mark-ups
                            • Compliantly and reliably pay workers as W2 employees
                            • Eliminate tax reporting burden
                            • Gain more control over contract worker administration
                            • Establish a closer relationship with contract workers
                            • Better visibility into this often ‘invisible” workforce
                            • Control rogue spend
                              Diversity icon

                              Supplier and Talent Diversity

                              Promoting and ensuring supplier and talent diversity, often a requirement of doing business with some customers, is becoming a strategic goal, if not the norm, at organizations.

                                Key Solution Components 

                                Supplier Diversity

                                • Collaborative program design and delivery 
                                • Tier 1 diversity supplier (Workspend) 
                                • Tier 2 diversity supplier network (over 1,000 diverse suppliers) 
                                • Diversity supplier recruitment and management 
                                • Diversity spend management and accounting 
                                • Reporting and analytics

                                Talent Diversity 

                                  • Collaborative program design and delivery  
                                  • DEI initiatives 
                                  • DEI recruiting/direct sourcing 
                                  • DEI reporting and analytics 

                                Key Benefits 

                                • Gain momentum in becoming a diverse organization   
                                • Access to government contracting opportunities 
                                • Expand scope of talent pool and increase talent acquisition 
                                • More welcoming and supportive workplace culture 
                                • Expand viewpoints internally and increase innovation  
                                • Social capital of being socially responsible business 
                                  IC compliance legal compliance icon

                                  IC Compliance/AOR

                                  Use of independent contractors exposes many businesses to worker misclassification and other legal compliance risk and potentially significant liabilities if not managed with expertise and rigor.

                                    Key Solution Components 

                                    • Collaborative program design and delivery 
                                    • IC Classification Evaluation/Vetting 
                                    • Agent of Record (IC onboarding and compliance management, invoice processing) 
                                    • Complete indemnification (misclassification and co-employment) 
                                    • IRS reporting and 1099 Issuance 
                                    • Invoice consolidation 
                                    • Reporting and analytics 

                                        Key Benefits 

                                        • Minimize IC classification and co-employment risk 
                                        • Indemnify to shield business from liabilities 
                                        • Relief from the burden of managing ongoing IC compliance 
                                        • Better visibility into this often ‘invisible” workforce 
                                        • Control rogue spend 
                                            Direct sourcing icon

                                            Direct Sourcing

                                            Our managed direct sourcing solutions enable our customers to source and engage contract workers while avoiding the markups of suppliers and 3rd party intermediaries.   

                                              Key Solution Components 

                                              • Collaborative program design and delivery 
                                              • Technology selection and configuration (if needed) 
                                              • Managed talent acquisition campaigns (including brand) 
                                              • Dedicated talent sourcing and curation team 
                                              • Talent pool development and management 
                                              • Reporting and analytics 

                                                Key Benefits 

                                                • Avoid 3rd party markups 
                                                • Broaden access to talent not represented by staffing firms
                                                • Have more control over talent acquisition campaigns and candidate engagement 
                                                • Gain on-demand access to talent from managed private talent pools 
                                                • Develop direct relationships with contractors, with potential for redeployment 
                                                    Recruitment Process Outsourcing icon

                                                    Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

                                                    Our Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) will manage the entire recruiting/hiring process from job profiling through the on-boarding of new workers.  

                                                      Key Solution Components 

                                                      • Collaborative program design and delivery 
                                                      • Technology selection and configuration (if needed)  
                                                      • Proven talent acquisition strategies processes 
                                                      • Structured recruitment process   
                                                      • SLA and KPI driven metrics and outcomes 
                                                      • Scale up and down with demand cycles 
                                                      • Global database of thousands of screened workers 
                                                      • Reporting and analytics 

                                                          Key Benefits 

                                                          • Recruitment process efficiencies 
                                                          • Reduced time-to-fill  
                                                          • Meet industry and governance regulations   
                                                          • Quality — Use our proprietary assessment 

                                                              Find the right blend of workforce solutions for your business