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For Executives

I’m a business leader looking to create a flexible workforce to maximize agility, minimize labor costs and risks

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For HR/Talent Leaders

I’m a HR/talent leader identifying human capital needs to meet business objectives with a long-term view that covers the entire workforce

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For Procurement

I’m a procurement leader looking to source the best talent in the most affordable and  low risk way, bringing added value to my business 

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We power your business success

We DRIVE VALUE from your contingent staffing to turn business ambitions into profitable returns

Can you hire the talent you need when you need it—at the best rate? A growing flexible workforce brings an ability to adapt to change, to run at the lowest cost, and means you can affordably source the talent you need by tapping into a broad talent supplier network.

With flexible working on the rise, including in gig and freelance, most companies employ more than 20% of their talent through a supplier or categorized as “contingent.” A strategic sourcing strategy with a Total Talent Management Partner, and a holistic view to the talent supply chain and suppliers, is the solution to meeting the accelerated challenges of the changing marketplace.

Organizations around the world trust in Workspend to drive value from their contingent workforce programs – to make a flexible workforce work, to save money and hire smarter. Our programs are tailorable, and embrace leading edge methods and technologies.  Workspend currently manages programs for some of the best brands in the world across sectors like Life Sciences, Pharma, Financial Services, Energy/Utilities, Healthcare, Insurance, Retail, Aerospace, and Technology. Find out more today by getting in touch.

Find talent you need in a crisis

In post-COVID hyper-competitive markets, your business can only thrive if it has the means to adapt.  Workspend is an advisory-led on-demand workforce solutions company.  We help you to achieve your growth objectives by furnishing you with the on-demand talent you need.

AI-enabled remote recruiting

Artificial Intelligence improves the ability of recruiters to filter out the best-fit candidates in less time, adopting a more rounded and fair approach to scrutinizing applicants.  Tasks such as background checks can be improved in their accuracy and speed. 

Total Talent Management

Today, there is a bewildering range of ways to get jobs done including full-time contracts, Statement-of-Work (SOW) procurements, gig-workers, the indirect sourcing of contingent workers, direct contractors, micro-task portals, and more.  With its flexible approach, Workspend can help you to leverage the best hiring approach for every role.

Direct Sourcing

Employers have the potential to cut agency fees by leveraging their brand and harvesting their own talent pools before broadening their search.  Find out why organizations are embracing Direct Sourcing approaches to optimize their hiring.

MSP by Design

Some MSP solutions offer little more than a shift from in-sourced to outsourced recruiting teams.  We design the right MSP program for you from a portfolio of FULL, LITE and SELF-SERVICE MSP templates.  We blend the operational competencies of an MSP with advisory skills and technologies to deliver the best outcomes for you.  Additionally, our onsite/onshore/offshore resourcing approach delivers operational economies we pass on to you in savings.

Diversity is in our make-up

Diversity is in our corporate DNA, it’s our competitive advantage, and we are proud to support our internal diversity initiatives and to expand the diversity objectives of our clients. Workspend is committed to providing a truly exciting and unique services.

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