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The Future of MSP is here.

As a diverse MSP, Workspend reshapes your global workforce management solutions to empower your success.

Drive data-informed decisions, automate MSP processes and boost productivity through AI-driven workforce analytics.

We’re introducing a new era for MSPs with our forward-thinking, innovative, and diverse approach.

This approach centers on putting the customer at the heart of solution design and delivery. Through a continuous service relationship driven by data and analytics, we’re revolutionizing how businesses optimize their contingent workforce.

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MSP by design

Some MSP solutions offer little more than a shift from in-sourced to outsourced recruiting teams. We deliver better outcomes by blending the operational competencies of an MSP with advisory expertise and best-in-class technologies.

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Statement of Work

SOW helps articulate job/project requirements and expectations. Maximize spend, save time, and minimize risk of underperformance by contractors. Pay for outcomes, not hours.

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Direct Sourcing

Prevailing talent shortages make it difficult to source on-demand talent cost-effectively.  Direct sourcing can cut staffing costs by as much as 15%, however, making it work takes more than the right tools.

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IC Compliance

Leverage our expertise to manage global independent contractor compliance and mitigate risks associated with worker misclassification.

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Contingent Workforce Management

We adopt a flexible approach that allows us to design and implement the best solution for your contingent workforce sourcing and management needs.

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Diversity is in our DNA

As a certified minority and woman-owned business, we believe diversity and inclusion are central to our business success.  Learn more about our D&I approach.

You can’t measure what you don’t know

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