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Diversity is in our DNA

Diversity is in our DNA

Accelerate Diversity, Equity and Inclusion by traversing your contingent workforce

Through our MSP programs, we are reinventing how organizations can embrace diversity in their contingent workforce.

It begins with experiences: helping your hires to map into the inclusive methods, habits and behaviors at the heart of your DE&I commitment.

But it doesn't stop there.  We're committed to making every workforce a positive reflection of the diversity in the market their organization serves.

Discover our three-part approach and accelerate your DE&I agenda today.
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Certified Diverse MSP

As a certified minority and woman-owned business (MWBE), we are proud to expand the diversity spend opportunities of our clients and channel partners. As an MSP, our success is largely determined by the effectiveness of our talent supply chain.

The greater the impact for our staffing suppliers, the better the results for Workspend. Our diversity initiatives seek to attract and foster strong relationships with staffing suppliers capable of not only providing diversity spend, but also providing value that is heads and shoulders above other providers.

Helping our clients achieve their workforce diversity and diversity spend goals is just one achievement we strive for. We also pride ourselves in our ability to attract and retain a diverse workforce that is a reflection of the needs of our clients and the marketplace at large. Workforce diversity is also a key component of our corporate culture, as evidenced by our highly diverse leadership team and workforce.

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Why choose a certified diverse MSP?

  Collaborate with a diverse talent supplier and tech partner ecosystem.

 Existing and new diversity spend suppliers can be monitored and accounted for in your program.

  Help with sourcing diversity-classified suppliers and ensure the diversity spend ecosystem is up-to-date in real-time.

  Generate reports for purposes of reviewing diversity spend objectives.

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A Diverse Talent Supply Chain

We support our customers in fostering and mentoring a diverse talent supply chain through various internal initiatives that include our Diversity Mentor Program and Diversity Leadership Council.

Tier 1


The Managed Services Provider (MSP) or services partner whose services you use to manage your contingent workforce, and is certified as meeting the qualifications of being a diverse company.

Workspend is a minority-owned organization that meets the qualifying criteria of providing diversity spend.

Tier 2

Suppliers / VMS

Suppliers and VMS are a part of the supply chain that play an essential role in maximizing your diversity spend. They meet the criteria necessary to be assigned a diversity classification.

Workspend can partner with a Vendor Management System (VMS) and/or talent supplier to multiply your opportunities to gain diversity spend.

Forging diversity and inclusion in your contingent workforce

Workspend helps organizations implement workforce diversity strategies, promoting a more equitable, productive, and enriched workforce. Embracing diversity within the contingent workforce program not only expands the talent pool, but also maximizes the benefits diversity brings, such as improved innovation, employee satisfaction, and overall business performance.

Our key strategic building blocks include:

Over 40% of the workforce consists of contingent workers, according to a report by the U.S. Government Accountability Office.

1. Tier 1 Diverse Spend

As a certified Minority/Women Business Enterprise (MWBE), Workspend classifies 100% of all spend within their contingent workforce program as Tier 1 Diverse Spend.

Given that labor is one of the top spend categories within any organization, this strategy provides a straightforward and effective way to boost Tier 1 Diverse Spend.


2. Promoting engagement with diverse suppliers

Workspend recognizes the importance of providing opportunities for national and local diverse suppliers. By actively seeking out diverse suppliers, organizations can access unique perspectives, innovative solutions, and foster local economic growth.

Tier 2 Diverse Spend refers to the procurement of goods and services from diverse suppliers through prime contractors. By partnering with a diverse provider, setting goals for Tier 2 Diverse Spend, implementing diverse supplier outreach initiatives, and tracking progress, organizations can foster supplier diversity across their entire workforce.

3. DE&I of the contingent workforce

Workforce diversity and inclusion efforts must extend to all workers, including contingent and freelance teams. Resulting benefits include increased productivity, enhanced innovation, greater sense of belonging and loyalty, and reduced turnover.


We’re Gold Sponsors of Social Joy

We encourage our suppliers and customers to embrace diversity in the way they think and work; in everything they do.  We’re gold sponsors of Social Joy, a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting positive work-life experiences, with programs including Diversity, Career Mentoring, and Women in IT.