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We’re a flexible workforce partner that sees value in collaboration


We make a flexible workforce work

Large enterprises that benefit from a flexible workforce can deliver on their ambitions by adopting a variety of resourcing models.  At Workspend, we know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work.  That’s why we work with an extensive range of suppliers and technology partners to deliver on our promises.  We’re technology agnostic, and our customers like the fact that we remain focused on their outcomes and the wellbeing of their supplier networks.

In Workspend you will find a friendly and committed partner that’s always willing to listen to your ideas and needs. To find out how your business can benefit from partnering with us, get in touch today.

Why partner with us?

We bring you access to new business opportunities across our network of clients and work with you to develop your business and mature your services.  We pride ourselves on our being easy to do business with.  Whilst we do everything to make sure our customers enjoy the best possible results and experience, rest assured we’ll be on your side, helping your business grow.

A word about our culture and diversity

As a women-led diversity supplier, we value the rewards that diversity brings to our business and our supplier chain.  For this reason, we’re always eager to work with other diverse suppliers.  Additionally, we operate a flat management structure, empowering our middle-managers and account teams to find creative ways to deliver value to our customers.  The value you bring through your business activities might just be ‘the difference’ that our team is looking for.

Types of Partners

Workspend MSP team

Advisory & Consulting

We collaborate with independent consultancy firms to source the best advice and guidance for our customers.

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We partner with Vendor Management Systems (VMS) and other technology innovators to find the best solutions.

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We work with staffing suppliers to source best-fit talent at the right time, place and price.

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