• Providing Innovative

    Workforce Strategies

  • Providing Innovative

    Workforce Strategies

The world of work is changing.
Workspend offers advisory and consulting services


Traditional approaches to workforce planning are evolving to accommodate a changing workforce. Workspend helps you develop strategies and tactics to grow and shrink your talent capacity to more effectively manage an increasingly flexible workforce.

Our payroll process outsourcing services
Control costs, reduce risk


In conjunction with our Independent Contractor Compliance solution or as a stand-alone solution, Workspend provides payroll process outsourcing, enabling our clients to leverage their ability to tap into certain talent pools of contingent workers. Our services provide clients with the ability to identify candidates for contract employment and transfer the administrative burden of employment to Workspend.

Comprehensive Solution for Engaging
Independent Contractors


Complying with government regulations to determine the proper classification of workers, particularly independent contractors, can be a time-consuming and cumbersome process that most companies are not equipped to perform. Meanwhile, governmental agencies, including the Department of Labor and Internal Revenue Service, are ramping up their investigation and pursuit of non-compliant employers.

24/7 RPO Service Delivery
Save time, save money, improve your process


For most companies, recruiting is not a core competency. Yet, every company must be able to effectively reach outside its organization to access the talent it needs – including direct hire and contingent labor – to grow its business and serve its customers. Workspend offers highly-customized recruiting solutions through a flexible engagement model.

Today, up to 1-in-4 workers are part of a
Global Contingent Workforce.

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

This is why organizations of all types and sizes, private and public, large and small, global and local, are turning to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) contingent workforce management model. With ever-increasing size and complexity, greater expertise is required to effectively manage the modern contingent workforce and talent supply chain – including traditional contingent workers, statement of work (SOW), and outsourced services.

Why Choose Workspend

The world of work is changing, from the workplace to the workforce. Workspend offers the most effective ways to acquire talent, manage flexible workforce, and optimize spend.


Most companies claim they can provide results. Many use service level agreements to suggest results will be achieved. Only Workspend guarantees resu...

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24 / 7 / 365

Leveraging privileged assets, including highly-skilled professionals with deep domain and role-based experience, we work around the clock every day ...

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Global Local Diverse

Workspend can help you accomplish strategic business objectives around the world. Gain access to global talent, gain insight into your global workfo...

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Talent extends beyond the boundaries of your enterprise. Workspend delivers best-fit talent on-demand – when, where and how you need it. ...

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With Workspend, multi-dimensional reports and insightful analytics are simple to build and easy to use. Imagine the power of being able to analyze a...

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Technology can make things easier or more difficult. Workspend utilizes technology to help you simplify your talent supply chain, including applicat...

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Workspend helps you manage the work AND control your spend. Every Workspend client receives an executive-level commitment and direct accountability ...

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Research clearly shows that high-trust relationships outperform low-trust ones. Workspend works for you, as your trusted advisor and partner, throug...

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