Flex MSP

Our highly tailored flex-up and flex-down global Managed Service Provider (MSP) programs are underpinned by white-glove customer service and produce predictable economies that we pass on to our customers.

What is Flex MSP?

A Managed Service Provider (MSP) formalizes, orchestrates and operates the indirect staffing supply-chain on behalf of an organization for a small fee levied from incomes made by the provisioning staffing vendors that source the contingent talent you need.

Workspend has evolved the Managed Service Provider (MSP) role towards a purpose-designed service delivery model. We blend best-in-class technology – to automate many of the largely manual data processing tasks – with onsite, offsite, and offshore resourcing. It allows you to flex up and flex down your requirements according to workforce management demands.

Flex MSP combines the latest technology with onsite, onshore and offshore service delivery to achieve operational economies when discharging managed workforce programs.

We deliver the same uncompromising levels of MSP service delivery performance on a lower operating cost base. As the result, we achieve bigger economies through best-practice delivery that we pass on to our customers in the form of reduced fees.

Value-adding outcomes include:

  • Extending your talent reach
  • Managing the spend by making any indirect spend transparent
  • Minimizing staffing agency fees by exposing inconsistencies
  • Preventing over-paying for talent by balancing job category rates with the market rate
  • Managing day-to-day operations, governance, talent onboarding, compliance risk,and payroll
  • Installing and operating a Vendor Management System (VMS) to automate processes

Our Flexi MSP programs:


For those looking for a white-glove, full service delivery model


For organizations seeking ‘MSP-by-Design’


For organizations that want ‘design-deploy-train-handover’ support along with ongoing market insights, reviews, analytics, ‘as-needed’ scaling, and optional continuous improvement advisory services

How does Flex MSP work?


1. Design Thinking – An approach to advisory services that results in a fit-for-purpose program design and implementation plan tailored to the precise needs of your business.

2. Faster time-to-value thanks to the rapid data integration tooling that underpins the VMS solutions we recommend. It means you won’t be waiting a year to see the rewards start to come through.

3. An optimized service delivery model that combines onsite, onshore, and offshore teams to maximize every step in your talent supply chain.

4. A continuous improvement culture supported by dedicated quality management and service improvement teams located in our Strategic Center of Excellence (SCoE).

Workspend MSP managed service provider solutions infographic

5. Access to the latest software that fully leverages Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Big Data, and other key digital enablers to boost productivity, save time, and cut processing costs and overheads.  It means we can react and adapt faster as your needs change while operating with a smaller workforce and lower costs.

Workspend MSP managed service provider solutions infographic

Do you need an MSP?

The Managed Service Provider (MSP) function has been challenged of late for it’s usefulness and value-for-money, chiefly because many incumbent MSPs fail to discharge the model well.  By this we mean:

    • Charging exorbitant fees themselves that will never deliver value-for-money
    • Getting in the way between the organization and agencies that do the hard work to find hard-to-reach talent
    • Once through the honeymoon period, settling for mediocre performance


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