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Talent technology describes a variety of digital applications and tool ware used to improve the productivity of finding and managing talent.

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The Future Relationship Between MSP and VMS

Traditionally, MSP and VMS have worked together to provide a comprehensive contingent workforce solution. But this could soon change.

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Why Statement of Work has become the most critical element of IT resourcing

Statement of Work contracts are today widely used in various industries. Find out how SOW can be used to fill talent gaps in IT.

Could you benefit from a Statement of Work solution?

Writing a SOW is no easy job. Thankfully, there are options for those who need help with creating SOW contracts. Could you benefit from one?

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The Ultimate Guide to Total Talent Management

What is Total Talent Management and how can you effectively implement it? Read our complete guide on how to create a TTM agenda.

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How a Digital MSP boosts your direct sourcing contingent workforce program

How do you go about achieving the best-in-class Direct Sourcing program for boosting your contingent workforce? It’s all about technology.

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Direct Sourcing: The bridge between RPO and MSP

Direct Sourcing unites the worlds of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) into a single hiring strategy.

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How talent data insights can sharpen your competitive edge

Data insights are on track to transform the talent industry. How do recruiters make use of data insights for competitive advantage?

How to Create a Successful Virtual Internship Program

The steps that Intel took to replace its traditional internship program with a virtual one, which other companies can implement.

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AI Should Augment Human Intelligence, Not Replace It

Will smart machines replace human workers? How human intelligence can work with artificial intelligence to produce augmented intelligence.


The Optimism Divide: The Future Of Work Depends On Much More Than Technology

This article by Eileen Campbell helps gain perspective on how employees feel about the state of work, both current and future.

Envisioning the Future of Recruitment

Automation of the tedious tasks within recruiting and workforce management is happening and there’s plenty of opportunity to improve.

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Workforce Planning – How to Adapt and Scale to Cope with Perpetual Organizational Change

COVID-19 will force changes to the Business Models of many organizations in the coming year. A Business Model articulates how an organization turns its outputs into customer value in return for profits.   A decade ago, executives looked upon their Business...

Five Secrets to Sourcing Skilled Talent

Finding ‘people to do jobs‘ isn’t the same as finding ‘talent.’How do you fine-tune your talent acquisition approach to filter out the highest-level skills? Finding ‘people to do jobs‘ isn’t the same as finding ‘talent.’ The term itself suggests that if you’re looking...
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Talent Technology: Taking Talent Acquisition Digital

How good is your talent technology? Not where you want to be? Find out why so many organizations are missing out on recruitment tech.