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DIRECT SOURCING (DS) is a remote recruiting method to find and manage full-time and contingent talent. It harnesses your brand reach on social media, and from your pool of previous workers and past applicants too.

Here’s how it works:

1. You install a job board behind your social media presence to manage the publishing of work opportunities
2. Next, you advertise jobs and positions online
3. Finally, you manage the recruiting process remotely, online.

While that sounds simple, Direct Sourcing requires a combination of technology, people, process, data and technology to be really useful. Let’s start with the technology.

In addition to a Job Board and Social Media Accounts, you’ll need a Self-Service Online Recruiting Platform like Simplify Hire. It combines powerful candidate screening using artificial intelligence with online interviewing tools, online candidate testing, application tracking and background check tools.

Simplify Hire, and platforms like it, hard-code best-practice into online recruiting and blend it with supportive artificial intelligence tools, so non-experts can become adept at publishing jobs and managing responses.

It takes some expert know-how to install and operate an effective Direct Sourcing program.

That’s why WorkspendDIRECT offers a facilitated approach. We combine best-in-class online recruiting tools with our lean service-delivery model that blends onsite, onshore and offshore working to bring affordability and performance to our outsourcing programs.

Managed Direct Sourcing (MDS) is a full-service program operated by WorkspendDIRECT to install and run your online recruiting.

To learn more about MDS, and to see how Direct Sourcing can work for you, get in touch – and move to a smarter way to get work done.

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