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Working together concept, comprehensive MSP and VMS solutions

The Future Relationship Between MSP and VMS

Traditionally, MSP and VMS have worked together to provide a comprehensive contingent workforce solution. But this could soon change.

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Direct Sourcing: The bridge between RPO and MSP

Direct Sourcing unites the worlds of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) into a single hiring strategy.

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Benefits of working with a diverse MSP

Partnering with a diverse MSP brings considerable benefits with it, such as improvements in productivity, finances, reputation, and more.

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The Great Resignation: Bridging the Tech Skills Gap in 2022

The Great Resignation has led to a considerable tech skills gap. We outline the 3 ways businesses can bridge this gap in 2022.

Workspend—A Powerhouse in Retail Flexible Workforce

We work in consort with our growing user community of leading international grocery providers to meet the staffing needs of the industry.

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Workspend Makes Baker’s Dozen for MSP List for the Second Year Running

Workspend appears in 2021 Bakers’ Dozen for MSP (Managed Service Providers) as specialists in contingent labor resourcing and management.

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Managed Service Providers—How to manage the gap between SLA and customer experience

To get the best out of your MSP relationship, your SLA needs to set out your expectations for what good customer service means to you.

How to find your perfect Contingent Workforce Management partner

Looking for a partner that can help your business to make the most of your flexible workforce opportunity? Learn how to choose the right one.


We’ll call you back: Why MSP services often fall short of the mark

Bad MSP customer service – what’s going wrong, and how can you avoid the trap of entering into an undesirable MSP relationship?

Total Talent Management combines RPO and MSP in one

Total Talent Management is an emerging strategy that combines RPO and MSP in one solution. What is its impact on management and recruitment?

MSP 2.0: Correlation, Causation & Prediction for Competitive Advantage

Back to the office and a new way of workingAs things settle down and all of us start adjusting to the ‘new’ normal, HR and Talent Acquisition metrics will now need to be reconsidered. While the metrics themselves might not change dramatically, their impact definitely...
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Workspend Advisory Services (WAS) – Implementation

Looking for a more holistic, consultative, and design-based approach to MSP program implementation? Discover our WAS advisory solutions.

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Our Design Thinking Service Delivery Model

Learn about our Design Thinking approach to MSP service delivery, and how it can revolutionize customer value.