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Category: Future of Work

The Future of Work is characterized by a hybrid workforce model embracing both permanent and contingent labor (including gig workers by the hour, job, or project) using various sourcing means. These often include Direct Sourcing, Statement of Work and sourcing through staffing agencies.

Working together concept, comprehensive MSP and VMS solutions

The Future Relationship Between MSP and VMS

Traditionally, MSP and VMS have worked together to provide a comprehensive contingent workforce solution. But this could soon change.

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Why Statement of Work has become the most critical element of IT resourcing

Statement of Work contracts are today widely used in various industries. Find out how SOW can be used to fill talent gaps in IT.

The Ultimate Guide to Total Talent Management

What is Total Talent Management and how can you effectively implement it? Read our complete guide on how to create a TTM agenda.

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CWS Summit North America: The Takeaway

We share our experience at the CWS Summit North America event, and some of the key takeaways we found valuable for industry peers.

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Understanding Boomerang Employees

Understanding boomerang employeesLast year, the Great Resignation left people leaving their jobs in unprecedented numbers in search of better opportunities. But that's not the end of the story. What we're seeing now is a huge community of leavers now regretting their...
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5 Things Talent Leaders Can Do To Build a Recession-Proof Talent Agenda

In this article, we explore how talent leaders can rapidly build a talent agenda that can withstand a possible economic dip.


Living with the Great Resignation

In this article, we explore how organizations can overcome the challenges of the Great Resignation, and retain talent better.

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How to manage a diverse workforce

Learn strategies for effectively managing a diverse workforce and foster a work environment that helps all employees be their best self.

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2022 Workforce Trends

In the last two years, we saw unexpected changes in the way we work. These are the 5 workforce trends you can expect to see more of in 2022.

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How talent data insights can sharpen your competitive edge

Data insights are on track to transform the talent industry. How do recruiters make use of data insights for competitive advantage?

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Why listening is key as companies prepare for the future of work

This article by Patrick Cournoyer published by Training Magazine presents the importance of understanding and prioritizing workers.Please note: The insights provided in this section are commonly republished from third-party sources. Articles are the exclusive opinions...
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Talent at War: the Battle for Remote Work

There is an ongoing war in the talent industry between firms that want their workers back in the office, and workers who don’t wish to comply.

Can you know your workforce better by understanding when they shower?

A new observation by a McKinsey consultant reveals that the relevance of hybrid working to your lifestyle has much to do with when you shower.

Workspend—A Powerhouse in Retail Flexible Workforce

We work in consort with our growing user community of leading international grocery providers to meet the staffing needs of the industry.