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Strategic Workforce Planning is about proactively anticipating current and future hiring needs. This will ensure your organization has the resources it needs to meet its business goals.

Every organizations needs a kernel of people with the right blend of skills, experience and know-how to made decisions and get jobs done. Many roles these days can be automated with Artificial Intelligence, sensor base devices, hardware and software robots. Nevertheless, there are still a wide variety of jobs hat humans do better!

It used to be solely about managing full-time employees, but increasingly the workforce is made of of freelance, gig and contingent workers. An increase in the use of software robots is also skewering how business leaders see ‘work resourcing.’

This means that way organizations approach workforce management to get jobs done is constantly changing and needs to be re-visited frequently.

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Understanding boomerang employees

Last year, the Great Resignation left people leaving their jobs in unprecedented numbers in search of better opportunities. But that's not the end of the story. What we're seeing now is a huge community of leavers now regretting their decision and 'boomeranging' back...
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5 things talent leaders can do to build a recession proof talent agenda

In this article, we explore how talent leaders can rapidly change their resourcing mandate to prepare for likely economic dip.


Living with the Great Resignation

Many thought that the Great Resignation was a one-time correction of how the labor market worked. They believed it was a reaction to the home-working habits forged during the pandemic lockdown. However, things haven’t gone back to how they were before, and it looks...
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How to manage the diverse workforce in 2022

Diversity and inclusion in the workplace is an issue that is still largely unresolved. How do you manage a diverse workforce in 2021?


Successful Teamwork: Is it about Culture, Governance, or Design?

People work more effectively together, but what are the magic ingredients you need to make teamwork a game-changer in your organization?

5 Ways to Adapt Your Internal Communications Strategy to Better Serve a Hybrid, Extended workforce

These are the 5 ways how to reshape your internal communications strategy to serve the extended workforce in your business.

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Workspend Advisory Services (WAS) – Implementation

Looking for a more holistic, consultative, and design-based approach to MSP program implementation? Discover our WAS advisory solutions.

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Our Design Thinking Service Delivery Model

Is MSP right for you? It can be. Find out about our Design Thinking approach.

Five Secrets to Sourcing Skilled Talent

Finding ‘people to do jobs‘ isn’t the same as finding ‘talent.’How do you fine-tune your talent acquisition approach to filter out the highest-level skills? Finding ‘people to do jobs‘ isn’t the same as finding ‘talent.’ The term itself suggests that if you’re looking...

How Enterprise Survives COVID-19: The Business Imperative to Install ‘Rubber-Walls’

With the fast pace of change affecting markets around the world, how do you create an enterprise that’s able to adapt, scale and shrink according to market conditions; to re-equip on new skills and shed the old? Find out how to pandemic-proof an enterprise. Markets in...
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Round Pin, Square Hole – How to Design a Talent Acquisition Approach that Fills Vacancies

How do you identify the right talent? In this article, we offer suggestions on how to improve your ability to source the talent you need.         The Right Kind of Talent          We get you. It’s not a question of finding any...