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Category: Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and inclusion is about treating all people with equal respect and kindness, and making sure everyone can benefit from equal opportunities. Many groups may face discrimination in regards to their race, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender, socio-economic status, age, mental health, religion, physical abilities, etc.

The American Bar Association (ABA) defines diversity as a term “used to describe the set of policies, practices, and programs that change the rhetoric of inclusion into empirically measurable change.”

Business executives and hiring teams are responsible for ensuring everyone are provided fair opportunities. Unfortunately, there’s still a long way to go to safeguard people from mistreatment. Every day examples are reported on social media and on sites like Glassdoor of people being treated unfairly in the workplace.

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How 2023 became a game-changing year for workforce inclusivity 

Up until recently, true commitment to workforce inclusivity has been lacking. What’s changed to make 2023 the year for workforce inclusivity?

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Stepping up diversity

Vast amounts of research proves that prioritizing diversity and inclusion can lead to business success. Why exactly is it important?

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Identifying your neurodivergent workforce quotient

Organizations are finally opening up to the idea of hiring more neurodiverse workers. But what is a good number to aim for?

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Benefits of working with a diverse MSP

Partnering with a diverse MSP brings considerable benefits with it, such as improvements in productivity, finances, reputation, and more.

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How to manage a diverse workforce

Learn strategies for effectively managing a diverse workforce and foster a work environment that helps all employees be their best self.

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Taking diversity seriously: Prioritizing D&I in your workforce strategy

Find out what it takes to be a progressive employer in the new era of work, and why organizations must prioritize diversity and inclusion.

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Why less than 20% of top 50 of Fortune 500 companies have a D&I page

We researched the top Fortune 500 companies to find what challenges prevent organizations from achieving their diversity and inclusion goals.

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Women in Charge: A Rise in Female Leadership

Statistics reveal a rise in women taking up leadership positions. What is causing more women to become entrepreneurs?

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The Workspend Way

Discover the company values that drive Workspend, our unique approach to MSP, and what we do to bring fresh thinking to large US employers.

How talent strategies need to adapt to achieve true diversity

Learn how organizations need to adapt their D&I strategy to achieve true diversity and inclusion, and what benefits it can bring for business.

Broadening understanding of inclusion in the workplace

We explore how you can put more thought into your Diversity and Inclusion agenda and the types of diversity that are often overlooked.

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Breaking Barriers: Achieving Workplace Equality for All

Create a more diverse and inclusive workplace and get actionable tips for fostering a welcoming and supportive environment for all employees.