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Case Study

Leading Pharmaceutical Company

The Situation

The organization struggled with managing their temporary workforce. They lacked a diversity strategy and a standardized approach to staffing augmentation and statement of work (SOW) management. Payments to suppliers were delayed, and there was no consistency in pricing or reporting across locations. Additionally, the absence of SLAs and clear performance metrics made it difficult to track results and identify compliance issues with suppliers. Overall, the entire program lacked proper structure and oversight.

The Solution

Workspend was onboarded as a diverse supplier to enhance the MSP program and improve diverse supplier participation. We began by identifying certified diverse suppliers, followed by defining SLAs for hiring and SOW execution and delivery. We implemented program analytics and reporting through our proprietary WRAP tool and VMS. A supplier scorecard was established and all supplier contracts were transitioned to reside under and be managed by the Workspend MSP.

Final Results

Increased Tier-2 diverse spend to 65%

Streamlined RFPs, short-listing of suppliers, increasing process efficiency and user satisfaction rate by 45%

Reduced payment delays to suppliers by 20 days

Cut change order processing for SOW timelines by 5 days

Time-to-fill reduced by 13 days 

Currently supporting over 150 locations

Integrated two acquisitions into the program with over 1,800 contract workers and 35 suppliers

Increased program adoption with multiple business units since implementation and expanded the program to a new business unit

Client and supplier NPS score increase from 25 to 77 within 3 years

You can’t measure what you don’t know

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