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Case Study

Leading Retail Organization

The Situation:

A leading retail corporation spanning multiple regions in North America, employing 20,000+ individuals globally, recognized the need for an overhaul in their Managed Service Provider (MSP. Given the dynamic nature of their business and varying project demands, the organization heavily relied on contingent labor, having an MSP oversee their contingent workforce operations. The initial MSP promised efficiency, cost savings, and compliance, but fell short. Rigid processes hampered agility, communication gaps led to delays, and limited value offered no real improvements. Compliance issues even arose due to inadequate oversight.

The Solution:

The transition to Workspend involved a comprehensive implementation plan to address the shortcomings of the previous provider and ensure a smooth transition.

Discovery Phase

Conducted in-depth assessments to understand the current state of contingent labor management and define project objectives.


  • Stakeholder Mapping: Identify key players and their needs.
  • Needs Analysis: Deep dive into client’s challenges & improvement areas.
  • Risk Assessment: Identify & plan for potential implementation roadblocks.

Planning Phase

The Client and Workspend developed a comprehensive project plan outlining strategies, timelines, resources, and deliverables. 


  • Project blueprint: Define goals, deliverables & how we measure success.
  • Resource planning: Allocate people, tech & budget for a smooth transition.
  • Tech stack selection: Choose the best VMS & analytics tools for your needs.
  • Communication strategy: Ensure everyone’s informed & aligned throughout implementation.

Execution Phase

Implementing planned strategies and solutions to transition to the new contingent labor management framework. 


  • Go-Live: Deploy tech, configure processes & implement new policies.
  • Change enablement: Train stakeholders & drive program adoption.
  • Performance tracking: Monitor progress, KPIs & adjust as needed.

Closure Phase

Finalized the implementation process, evaluated project outcomes, and ensured a smooth transition to ongoing operations. 


  • Project evaluation: Review results, identify areas for improvement.
  • Transition to operations: Handing over deliverables, documentation, and responsibilities to the client’s operational teams
  • Post-implementation support: Providing ongoing support, training, and guidance

The Results:

Improved communication between the organization and the MSP, fostering collaboration & transparency.

The new MSP’s flexible approach enabled the client to adapt quickly to changing workforce demands.

The new MSP’s focus on change management facilitated smooth adoption of new processes and technologies.

The new MSP proactively identified opportunities for driving tangible value for client’s contingent workforce program.

With robust processes and technology solutions in place, compliance issues were minimized and risks reduced.

You can’t measure what you don’t know

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