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Case Study

Light Industrial Client

The Situation

The client, a leading light industrial company specializing in manufacturing and global distribution of retail products, heavily relies on temporary labor to support their operations. Seeking a new Managed Service Provider (MSP) capable of optimizing staffing efficiency and reducing costs, the client turned to Workspend after experiencing dissatisfaction with their previous MSP, who also provided staffing services.

  • Cost Inefficiency: The previous MSP’s unclear pricing made it hard to track staffing costs and budget effectively.
  • Slow Time-to-Fill: Old MSP’s focus on internal placements led to slow hiring (long time-to-fill) and disrupted production schedules.
  • Lack of Vendor Neutrality: Limited competition among staffing vendors resulted in suboptimal candidate matches.
  • Lack of Value and Executive Support: Despite initial promises, the MSP lost support from leadership, leading hiring managers to go rogue.

The Solution

Workspend proposed a Vendor-Neutral MSP solution, offering:

  • Transparent Pricing Model that offers full visibility into staffing costs for informed decision-making and budget management. 
  • Streamlined candidate sourcing and selection processes, reducing time-to-fill rates through automated workflows and predictive analytics, all powered by WRAP (Workspend Reporting and Analytics Platform).
  • Vendor Neutrality: As a vendor neutral MSP, Workspend maintained partnerships with diverse staffing providers.
  • Optimized VMS workflows and configurations allow for easier contingent workforce data management, requisition processing, and compliance monitoring.

Implementation Process

In addition to the comprehensive needs assessment, solution design, and customization, we added value through:

  •  Program Team Formation: our team collaborated closely with the client to build tailored solutions and find opportunities for improvement.
  • Performance Monitoring and Analysis of real-time staffing performance identified trends and areas for optimization using the WRAP platform.
  • Continuous Training and Development to keep the client’s HR team updated on industry advancements.
  • Client Feedback Mechanism that solicits input from stakeholders, enabling continuous improvement.

Final Results

Cost Reduction: A 10% reduction in overall staffing costs, resulting in substantial savings for the client.

Increased Operational Efficiency: Streamlined processes, transparent pricing, and advanced technology solutions enhanced overall operational efficiency and productivity.

Improved Time-to-Fill: Over 36 hours reduction in time-to-fill for open positions, enabling quicker and efficient role fulfillment.

Enhanced Quality of Hire: Optimal candidate matches improved the quality of hire, driving better workforce performance.

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