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Case Study

Bio-Pharmaceutical Company

The Situation:

The client’s previous MSP failed to deliver. The incumbent MSP also acted as a supplier, got priority access to requisitions, yet offered poor staffing support and slow fill times with positions often going unfilled. Hiring managers frustrated by this went back to using external suppliers. Interviews with the external suppliers (partners to the program) revealed that their candidate submissions often went ignored. Overall, the client found the MSP unresponsive, lacking in service and optimization, and offering no strategic value.

The Solution:

Reconfiguring the Client’s Staffing Model

In collaboration with the client’s executive team, Workspend conducted a comprehensive assessment of their current staffing model: including their support model, VMS, end-to-end processes and supplier partnerships.

After identifying areas for improvement we worked alongside client stakeholders to design a customized solution involving:

A bespoke VMS, ensuring seamless  integration with current systems

Purpose-built processes and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

A quarterly business review plan that measures progress, tracks key metrics, and adjusts strategies to meet goals

Building a Strong Supplier Network

  • We onboarded existing suppliers and established strategic relationships to foster collaboration and ensure a successful support model.
  • SLAs and scorecards were implemented to ensure transparency and high-quality service. We established a true vendor-neutral model, where Workspend itself does not act as a supplier in the program.
  • We evaluated the supplier pool to identify those offering the best rates and performance, placing them in a Tier-1 category for prioritized collaboration.

Change Management & Ongoing Support

To ensure a smooth user experience and program adoption, Workspend provided comprehensive training materials and ongoing support. Training sessions were held before launch, after launch, and regularly thereafter to educate new users and refresh existing knowledge.

Additionally, a dedicated Workspend Program Manager acts as a single point of contact for all parties involved, providing ongoing support and fostering strong relationships for a successful transition.

The Results:

Decreased time-to-fill by a significant margin. The program is now operating at a 100% fill rate.

Increased hiring manager satisfaction – 100% satisfaction rating in the first post-launch survey 

100% adoption rate – all in-scope work occurs within the managed program.

Access to all data related to contingent labor provides the visibility and insight needed to forecast and improve.

Seamlessly integrated two company acquisitions into the program, with more on the horizon.

Vastly improved relationships with supplier partners.

Positioned to expand the program to the UK and Ireland.

You can’t measure what you don’t know

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