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1. 16% of companies have a Total Talent Acquisition strategy. Within the next two years this is expected to increase to 51%. (Cxcglobal)
2. In 2021, the demand for talent in Eastern Europe is projected to grow by 10%, while in Western Europe by 3.5%. (Cxcglobal)
3. 72.8% of employers are having a difficult time finding skilled candidates. 45% of employers are concerned about finding employees with the necessary talents. (Manpowergroup)
4. Companies with clear objectives outperform the market by 42%. (Jobholler)
5. The average cost of losing talent for the organisation is a surprising 33% of their annual revenue. (Benefitnews)
6. Referred talent is 55% faster to hire, compared with talent sourced through career sites. (Hrtechnologist)
7. Good talent management significantly affects organizational performance. 99% of respondents who reported very effective talent management say they outperform their competitors, compared with 56% of all other respondents. (Mckinsey)
8. Only 39% of respondents say their organizations are fast or very fast at reallocating talent strategicallya practice that leads to a 1.4timesgreater likelihood of outperformance. (Mckinsey)
9. 41% of surveyed executives rate competing for talent globally as one of their most pressing talent concerns. (Deloitte)
10. 58% of candidates cited clear and regular communication as their most important aspect in accepting an offer, followed by clear expectations (53%) and feedback regarding rejection (51%). (Keka)

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