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Facts on Talent Technology

1. 49% of all professionals are following companies on social media with the intent to stay aware of their jobs. (Talentlyft)

2. According to a study by Aptitude Research, 44% of companies invested in new solutions in 2020. (Cielotalent)

3. Recruiters typically spend 13 hours a week recruiting for just one role. Tools such as AI that help streamline the process are gamechanging. (Forbes)

4. Most companies use ten or more TA solutions. 51% of companies surveyed use more than one applicant tracking system. (Recruitingnewsnetwork)

5. 50% of employees surveyed believe AI will play an important role in recruitment and talent acquisition. (Yello)

6. 97% HR decision-makers surveyed agree that budgeting more for new talent recruitment technologies would help them achieve their business goals, and 88% anticipate an increase in their investment. (Hcamag)

7. 70% of recruiters say they’ve successfully used social media to hire new employees. (Hirehive)

8. 91% of employers utilize social media to hire talent. (Social-hire)

9. 60% of recruiters and hiring executives use video technology. (Financesonline)

10. 78% of companies using an ATS say recruitment tech makes hiring easier than ever. (Financesonline)

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