What is Recruitement Process Outsourcing (RPO)?

Organization’s seeking an external partner to handle all or part of their recruitment related functions use Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) to transform their talent acquisition function into a unique hiring and candidate experience.

Workspend’s RPO solution can easily be tailored and calibrated to address your company’s strategic workforce goals, both near- and long-term. Scaling the solution up or down depending on your needs is part of the package.

Benefits of RPO

  • Reduced recruitment processing costs
  • Greater talent acquisition agility, access, and scalability
  • Broadened and multi-channel talent sourcing
  • Improved candidate quality and hiring experience
  • Advanced market intelligence and applicable insights
  • Enhanced compliance and risk management

What sort of RPO Models Exist?





Global recruiting function deployed and managed across multiple markets in a fully integrated recruitment process outsourcing program including direct hire and/or contingent labor

Full lifecycle recruiting solution that can be deployed on end-to-end, front-end or back-end only basis, across an enterprise or within selected departments or locations

End-to-end recruiting solution deployed for a specific mission-critical initiative

Sourcing-specific solution deployed in conjunction with client recruiting team

Which RPO Model is right for me?

Numerous cultural and organizational considerations come into play when you are attempting to determine whether or not an RPO model, and which RPO model, is a “right fit” for your organization.

By thoroughly evaluating the below considerations, you will be able to more closely align your RPO needs to the “right fit” RPO solution in the marketplace, setting you up to achieve your organization’s talent acquisition goals.

RPO Checklist

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