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Facts on Contingent Workforce

1. 60% think ‘few people will have stable, longterm employment in the future’. (Pwc)
2. Around 40% of the current workforce consists of contingent workers, with the average company having 18% of their workforce being contingent. (Hr)
3. While contingent hiring declined 56% in the first half of 2020 a much larger and faster drop compared to the 2008 Recession it quickly returned to preCOVID levels by July and hiring was 9% higher yearoveryear by September. (Prnewswire)
4. The hottest industries for contingent hiring in 2020 were IT/technology, healthcare and professional services. (Prnewswire)

5. 40% of respondents say monetary compensation is by far the most valued factor in their job search. (Prnewswire)

6. “32% of organizations are replacing fulltime employees with contingent workers as a costsaving measure,” says Brian Kropp, Distinguished Vice President, Gartner. (Gohyer)

7. In 2021, the demand for talent in Eastern Europe is projected to grow by 10%, while in Western Europe by 3.5%. (Cxcglobal)

8. 40% of companies stated that they found their best talent through the ondemand workforce. (Hr)

9. 34% of companies include contingent workforce as part of their strategic planning. Within the next two years this is expected to increase to 54%. (Cxcglobal)

10. 30% of companies directly source contingent workers. Within the next two years this is expected to increase to 49%. (Cxcglobal)

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