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5 Ways to Adapt Your Internal Communications Strategy to Better Serve a Hybrid, Ex-tended workforce

Talent leaders know only too well how important effective internal communication is to workforce engagement. The pandemic has created a new workforce reality and it’s redefining how internal marketing practitioners perform their art. In this article, Ian Tomlin, lead...

What employees are saying about the future of remote work

With many organizations planning a hybrid virtual model combining remote work with time in the office a wave of uncertainty hits employees.

Asia: Leading the world to shape the future of hybrid work

Remote working has kept many businesses and economies going. But at what cost to employee morale, wellbeing and commitment?

How to Create a Successful Virtual Internship Program

The steps that Intel took to replace its traditional internship program with a virtual one, which other companies can implement.

Working “from” home or working “at” home: what is your team doing?

There are significant compliance-related differences between working from home and working at home. Find out more in this article.


Hybrid, flexible, remote... there are lots of new terms being used these days to describe what more and more people are referring to as the extended workforce. But what is it? Why is it different to what has come before? And why should you care?The year an extended...

AI Should Augment Human Intelligence, Not Replace It

Will smart machines replace human workers? How human intelligence can work with artificial intelligence to produce augmented intelligence.

Five ways to action better gender balance in the workplace

Discover what businesses need to dramatically improve gender equality and meet the needs of what women want in the workplace in 2021.

7 Key Hiring Trends For 2021

Discover the factors that will be a significant focus for recruiters for the coming years with the recruitment landscape rapidly changing.

Five ways the contingent workforce has evolved post-Covid

2020 has been a pivotal year for many businesses and the way they operate. Find the five workplaces trends that have changed the way we work.

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