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Explore Your Contingent Workforce Management Options

Is your workforce as flexible as it needs to be?

Approximately 1 in 4 roles in the US today are performed by contingent workers, i.e. temporary workers, interns, consultants, freelancers, SOW, contract workers, and independent consultants. COVID-19 is further accelerating a trend towards the use of contingent labor as organizations look to adapt faster to change and push for savings.

Sourcing and managing a contingent workforce demands resources, planning and systems. Most Fortune 500 organizations already have robust methods and tools in place, but adoption of a formal contingent workforce program benefits mid-sized and growing organizations too. Some mid-sized organizations don’t adopt a managed program because they presume the cost outweighs rewards when that’s not the case.

Workspend is a leader in designed-to-fit flexible workforce programs that embrace technology and innovative fulfilment models to drive value from workforce programs.