How do you find a partner that can help your business to make the most of your flexible workforce opportunity? To harness a flexible workforce you’ll most probably need a partner, But what sort? With so many different types of partnerships available to business and...

We’ll call you back: Why MSP services often fall short of the mark

In the Contingent Workforce Management (CWM) discipline, the established role of a Managed Service Provisioning (MSP) partner is to bring cost control, governance and organization to programs. In a typical scenario, organizations will expect an MSP to provide...

Direct Sourcing: The bridge between RPO and MSP

As the COVID-19 virus mutates into new variants ever more determined to distribute its misery, it looks like the early part of 2021 is going to be nothing more than a carry forward of the remote working experiences most economies had to live with in 2020. Whether it...

2021: The Year when RPO gets Subsumed by the MSP Model

Two of the more common acronyms used in the workforce management industry this year have been ‘RPO’ (i.e., Recruitment Process Outsourcing) and ‘MSP’ (i.e., Managed Service Provisioning). It looks like 2021 might be the year when one gets subsumed by the other—but...

The Future of Talent Strategies in 2021

Three flexible workforce trends for 2021 to ignore at your peril. 2020 has remodeled how millions of people around the world think about the world of work—where we work, how we work, the tools we use, WHY we work. There’s no reason to believe such fundamental shifts...

On Demand Talent Sourcing is Evolving

Businesses are on the lookout for talented workers to fill their open vacancies.  Post-COVID-19, the market for talent has evolved towards an on-demand flexible model.  How do you tap into flexible talent YOUR business needs?  People have always been important to...

New McKinsey Report Deep Dives into Hybrid Working

McKinsey & Co. has authored an insightful report into hybrid working this week, presenting some eye-popping analysis of the future of work.

Re-Thinking Vendor Management Systems for your Future Workforce

What it is a VMS?Vendor Management Systems (VMS) are computing platforms used by businesses to manage the activities of their indirect staffing suppliers. They are a subset of supply-chain management systems, and they become important when organizations operate with a...

Envisioning Machine Recruitment in an age of Brokering

Automation of the tedious tasks within recruiting and workforce management is happening and there’s plenty of opportunity to improve.

A Flexible Workforce: Before and After COVID-19

Lots of people are talking about the need for flexibility in the workforce as the economy bounces back from the pandemic. But why?

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MSP 2.0: Revisiting Contingent Workforce Sourcing Post COVID-19

As things settle down and all of us start adjusting to the ‘new’ normal, HR and Talent Acquisition Metrics will now need to be reconsidered. Find out how the Managed Service Provisioning to source Contingent Workforce is changing. 

Rempathy = Remote + Empathy

The Workspend Managed Service Provider (MSP) program approach is continuously improving.  While it’s been around for years, many organizations have still yet to install control and governance across their contingent workforce supply chain.  Discover how we bring more value to clients at Workspend.

Workspend Advisory Services (WAS) Implementation

.A traditional managed service provider’s (MSP) implementation plan begins with the review of a client’s existing workflows to uncover opportunities for process improvements and ends with a list of future-state requirements.  Learn about how an MSP implementation works

Workspend’s Strategic Center of Operational Excellence (SCOE)

To bring a competitive value-add to its clients, Workspend’s Strategic Center of Operational Excellence (SCOE) houses a program office, project managers, consultants, operational experts, technologists, and data science personnel, all focused on contingent workforce management. Explore how it works…

 Workspend’s Design Thinking Service Delivery Model

A traditional managed service provider (MSP) solution’s plan begins with analyzing the prevailing business constraints in a talent supply chain and then addresses the standard set of program issues using a well-worn solutions playbook.  But this can lead to a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  Find out how we tailor solutions to fit your needs at Workspend

COVID-19 is Re-Shaping Talent Markets

COVID-19 has changed the world of work forever. Is your talent acquisition approach ready for the inevitable drop in employment demand, followed by a huge upsurge in demand for contingent talent? Find out how you can secure the top talent for your business by being an early bird while the talent you need is still available and highly affordable.

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