Technology can make things easier or more difficult. Workspend utilizes technology to help you simplify your talent supply chain, including applications and systems for vendor management, applicant tracking and independent contractor compliance.

Technology of Choice

Workspend offers every client their technology of choice – including our proprietary systems and technology, and every major commercially available technology.

Customization and Integration

Workspend offers custom-design and integration with other enterprise applications including HRIS, Financial, Security, and ERP systems. Integration provides our clients with the ability to on-board, invoice, off-board, and manage resources through one technology-enabled platform and process.

Customer Service and Technical Support

Workspend is committed to superior customer service and technical support. We provide 24/7 online and 800# telephone support to ensure that your technology solution is dependably supported and maintained. You can count on us for easy-to-access, prompt and courteous service.

To learn more about how we can help you customize, integrate and use your technology of choice, please contact Workspend.