With Workspend, multi-dimensional reports and insightful analytics are simple to build and easy to use. Imagine the power of being able to analyze and evaluate the performance of your talent supply chain and its impact on your organization in real time. Ask questions, get answers, and make data-driven decisions.

Program Analytics

Workspend provides unsurpassed visibility into your talent supply chain – including program spend, supplier performance, workforce performance, compliance and customer satisfaction. Use our dashboard, reports and analytics to improve processes, reduce risk and control cost.

Market Analytics

Workspend replaces the typical manual, labor-intensive rate card development process with a web-based tool that creates a re-usable data set of market-based information. Use our web-based tool to establish market-competitive pay rates, bill rates and mark-ups based on job titles, descriptions and skills across a wide-range of industries, locations and disciplines.

To learn more about how we can help you apply analytics and business intelligence to your talent supply chain, please contact Workspend.