Four Ways to Find Your Next Star Tech Contractor through LinkedIn

LinkedIn is often the go-to social media platform for employers and job seekers alike. Since the network caters to professional connections, most users have a significant amount of information on their experience and skills clearly on display. Plus, a large number are open to hearing about new opportunities, even if they aren’t actively seeking a new position.

If you are using LinkedIn to recruit employees or attempting to pivot to this strategy, consider implementing these four tactics.

Used the LinkedIn Advanced Search

If your goal is to track down an ideal employee, then the LinkedIn Advanced Search is an excellent starting point. You can choose from a range of parameters, including the primary industry, seniority level, current and past job titles held by the person, specific keywords, and more.

After running the search, you’ll be provided with a list of potential candidates, and you can always adjust the parameters to either narrow down or increase the size of the results.


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Post a Job

LinkedIn provides a simple mechanism for posting a job on the platform, giving you the ability to announce your vacancy to users on the social network. You can define the job title, location, three major job functions, the company’s name and industry, a job description and much more.

You can allow interested job seekers to apply using their LinkedIn profile, simplifying the initial application process, and be notified whenever anyone submits their information.

Request Referrals

If you or your company already has a substantial network on LinkedIn, then consider requesting referrals from others. You can post a status update on your profile to spread the word, letting everyone know you are hoping to find a great candidate to fill the vacancy.

In cases where you have a strong connection to certain members of your network, request that they “Like” the post. This allows the information to be displayed to their followers as well, extending your overall reach naturally.

Review Your Company’s Followers

A lot of professionals follow companies they are interested in potentially working for or generally respect. That means they may be more inclined to submit an application if an opportunity arises.

While your followers may see your status updates, reaching out directly to those who have the right qualifications gives you a better chance of the information being read. Plus, if you personalize the communication, it will be more meaningful than a blanket post.

Ultimately, LinkedIn is a powerful resource when you are looking for your next star contractor, so make sure to explore the platform during your search.

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