The Guide to Sourcing Top Tech Talent Amid Record Low Unemployment

Most managers remember a time when finding great candidates was relatively easy. It wasn’t that long ago when the number of highly qualified job seekers far outpaced demand. But, now, the opposite is true.

Companies are struggling to find the skilled professionals they need now that unemployment levels are falling to record lows. This means you need a solid strategy to ensure you can locate the top talent you need in the current job market. With that in mind, here are some tips to help you located qualified candidates quickly and efficiently.

Offer Competitive Compensation Packages

Before you even start looking for your next superstar employee, you need to make sure your compensation package is competitive. If your salary and benefits offerings are outmatched by other businesses in the area, you’ll automatically have a harder time source top talent.

Often, you can find out information about the average offering online, though industry salary survey information can also be helpful. Make sure what you are willing to provide aligns with the going rates. Otherwise, you’ll continue to struggle in today’s job market.

Streamline Your Hiring Process to Move Quickly

The best and brightest job seekers don’t stay available for long. This means, if your hiring process takes too long, they’ll likely accept another position before you’ve even had a chance to extend an offer.

While there is no perfect timeline for handling the hiring process, you always want to make sure things progress as quickly as possible. Consider reviewing incoming applications daily and interviewing talented candidates as soon as possible instead of choosing a closing date and only beginning the process at that time. When you have a highly qualified individual in your midst, extend a provisional offer quickly and communicate with them regularly as things move along.

Cast a Wider Net to Reach More Candidates

Companies that limit themselves to only a couple of recruitment sources are going to face greater difficulties than those that cast wider nets. Consider branching out into new job boards, start recruiting on social media or partner with a reputable staffing firm to access a larger pool of talent.

Recruitment agencies are a particularly powerful source of support and assistance. They stay apprised of current trends and specialize in locating the precise kind of skills and experience you need in a new employee, allowing you to find the right person quickly and efficiently.

By tapping new resources, you may connect with job seekers who don’t visit the sites you’ve used in the past. This increases your odds of finding a skilled worker fast and usually doesn’t take a significant amount of effort beyond what you are doing today.

If you are looking for some of today’s top talent to fill your vacant positions, the professionals at WorkSpend can connect you with highly qualified job seekers from throughout the area. Contact us today to learn more about our services and see how they can help you overcome the hiring challenges associated with low unemployment.


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