Managed Services Provider (MSP)

Today, up to 1-in-4 workers are part of a global contingent workforce. By 2025, the contingent workforce is expected to include one out of every two workers.

This is why organizations of all types and sizes, private and public, large and small, global and local, are turning to a Managed Services Provider (MSP) contingent workforce management model. With ever-increasing size and complexity, greater expertise is required to effectively manage the modern contingent workforce and talent supply chain – including traditional contingent workers, statement of work (SOW), and outsourced services.

A Customized, Comprehensive Solution

Workspend offers clients a flexible, scalable, customizable MSP solution, in both vendor-neutral and vendor-hybrid models, using their technology of choice. Our MSP programs are built from the ground up to meet the unique business objectives, workforce requirements and talent needs of each client, and include:

To learn more about how we can customize the right MSP solution for your organization, please contact Workspend.