Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Workspend’s  Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) solution is easily tailored to address your company’s strategic workforce goals, both near- and long-term.  

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What is it? 

Workspend has pioneered the evolution of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (MSP). Whether you’re looking for a completely outsourced turnkey RPO plan or modularized RPO plan, or something in-between, Workspend’s delivery model flexibility can help you achieve significant gains from your recruitment processes.

 Numerous cultural and organizational considerations come into play when you are attempting to determine whether or not an RPO model, and which RPO model, is a “right fit” for your organization.  That’s why Workspend operates a series of RPO solution options that include:

Global RPO – Global recruiting function deployed and managed across multiple markets in a fully integrated recruitment process outsourcing program including direct hire and/or contingent labor

Enterprise RPO – Full lifecycle recruiting solution that can be deployed on end-to-end, front-end or back-end only basis, across an enterprise or within selected departments or locations

Project RPO – End-to-end recruiting solution deployed for a specific mission-critical initiative

Co-Sourcing RPO – Sourcing-specific solution deployed in conjunction with client recruiting team

Whether you’re looking for a limited recruitment support provision, or a complete talent acquisition transformation for your entire enterprise, we can deliver a tailored solution.  When implementing an RPO solution, expect to:

Reduce recruitment processing costs
Improve talent acquisition agility, access, and scalability
Broaden talent sourcing and harness multiple channels 
Improve candidate quality and hiring experience
Gain advanced market intelligence and applicable insights
Enhance compliance and risk management

How do you scope your RPO requirements?

By thoroughly evaluating the below considerations, you will be able to more closely align your RPO needs to the “right fit” RPO solution in the marketplace, setting you up to achieve your organization’s talent acquisition goals:

Are our talent needs being met?

Are we hiring for permanent or contingent roles?

Are we overcoming existing talent acquisition issues, expanding our team’s scope, or
transforming the way we find talent?

Is talent recruiting a core competency of ours?

Will we be onboarding new technology to support our RPO function, or will we be broadening
the scope of our existing technology stack?

Do we know which stakeholders internally will be impacted by this transition? 

Do we have a benchmark in-place to compare value-add if we are to employ an RPO model?

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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) happens when a company transfers some or all of its recruiting to an third-party expert service provider.  It’s not simply about filling open vacancies, it’s about achieving root nd branch improvements to an organization’s recruiting process by leveraging modern technology and methods.  Done well, you should expect your chosen RPO provider to act as an extension to your company’s Human Resources function.  But often, it’s not done well.  In many cases, businesses find the promised benefits of an RPO are counteracted by the increased overheads in management capacity, IT complexity and unforeseen administration and day-to-day operational overheads.  WORKSPEND works harder to make an RPO strategy work in your favor by overcoming the pitfalls in the model.


The biggest single reason why RPO fails is poor planning and solution design from the outset.  Like any major change to your business, it’s essential to understand why you need RPO and the measurable outcomes you set out to achieve.  We encourage you to expect more from your RPO partner.  It SHOULD be a well-balanced partnership.  When it’s thoughtfully implemented, there’s no reason why your RPO partnership can’t maximize your recruiting potential and minimize operating costs. WORKSPEND will design an RPO partnership solution that’s right for you; that balances internal capabilities with our supportive services, and one that recognizes and embraces the potential of modern automations and technology tools. 


You might wonder why having a pioneering spirit matters in our world. We think it comes down to our passion for innovation and our relentless pursuit of improvements in outcomes and how we achieve them. You will experience the difference our pioneering approach makes at your first Quarterly Business Reviewand the second, and the third., and the fourth..,


One of the areas WORKSPEND stands out is in its thoroughly documented and well-proven processes. We’re always happy (under NDA) to share with our clients in full our operating procedures, policies and work instructions. This transparency helps clients to understand how it is we’re able to achieve such a high level of performance more cost-effectively than any of our larger rivals.


While our LEAN MSP operating model is thoroughly punctuated by the most advanced technology platforms available on the market today, it’s the quality and passion of our people that really makes WORKSPEND stand-out from its competitive rivals. To experience that level of passion, curiosity, and commitment yourself, get in touch and see how we can help you.