TaskForce PMO

Workspend’s TaskForce PMO takes a Contingent Workforce Program Management Office (PMO) a stage further by equipping organizations with an advisory-led rapid-response team that’s able to bring instant oversight to large-scale talent projects in response to exceptional circumstances.

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What is it? 

Workspend has pioneered the evolution of a rapid-response talent acquisition and management team – able to parachute into your business as an effective contingent workforce acquisition capability without compromizing the quality, supply and governance of your on-demand workforce.  To achieve this, we leverage the extensive on-premise/on-shore/off-shore capabilities of the international Workspend organization.

How does it work?

Ours is a modular service approach that includes a number of key building blocks made possible by the expertise and resources of the international Workspend organization.

Our TaskForce PMO is a thoughtful strategy that incorporates and aligns the organization’s needs with the market and available talent.  It’s a flexible and scalable solution to support organizations facing an unsure future as stop/starts in social distancing occur over the next 18-months. 

Your ability to source a highly demanded workforce will rely on a blended sourcing strategy for FTE and contingent/freelance workers.  We work with you to forge a go-forward contingent talent sourcing strategy that embraces new way of working, temp to hire, RPO, talent-focused brand marketing, Direct Sourcing, freelance, SOW, micro-task portals, and staffing agencies in efforts to extend your talent reach.

Strategies that worked in the past may no longer be effective

High unemployment rates do not mean that hiring post-COVID-19 will be any easier.  Indeed, a surge in demand for highly-skilled workers, underpinned by pressures to boost productivity and output are likely to create even more talent shortfalls.

The time is now to make changes in talent supply and workforce strategy to leverage new and better ways for talent sourcing and deployment. For companies that need to furlough or lay off workers during the COVID 19 pandemic, now is the time to establish an internal talent pool to either ramp back up quickly when needed.

    • Talent Digitalization:  Recruitment talent solutions must adapt to the increasing digitalization.   Thanks to companies like Uber, Amazon, Airbnb, and more, consumers can order a ride, buy groceries, transfer money, or book a place to stay — all in just a few clicks within an app. In this new world, how an organization engages with talent, and how they fill their open requisitions increasingly depends on the digital experiences. In many ways, the Talent Digitalization isn’t just a part of the solution — it is the solution.
    • Management Solutions:  Technology without a proven process and proper management will never result in real business results. Technology is easy to come by, but it’s the proven processes and management solutions that are the limiting factor.


    • AI & Machine Learning:  AI and Machine learning algorithms excel at pattern matching and can save recruiters thousands of hours of sourcing by immediately seeing the highest quality matches for open positions.

Remote Recruitment: Remote work the new normal, making remote recruiting a critical element for all organizations. ATS and traditional VMS systems were built on the concept of face-to-face interactions, not virtual ones. Many of the legacy systems are just not able to adapt to a post COVID-19 world. Now is the time to close the gap with the legacy systems and incorporate new virtual recruiting and AI-based talent management platforms. 

  • Managed Direct Sourcing: Direct sourcing strategy leverages the employer’s brand to identify candidates for Direct Hire and Contingent openings. The most significant barrier to implementing direct sourcing is the lack of internal resources at a client organization to run the program. WorkspendDirect will quickly bundle together direct sourcing technology, payrolling, and management services into one solution that provides a complete Direct Sourcing solution. Additionally, this solution can deploy rapidly, has no setup cost, and delivers at significantly reduced rates.


How do you know you need our TaskForce PMO service?

Consider this service when:
You need to plug short-term gaps in your workforce
Your business needs more flexibility in its workforce causing a re-focus towards contingent working
Social distancing at work is driving a need to mix work across additional shifts or remote workers
Contact tracing creates a level of unpredictable worker attendance necessitating backup strategies

If this sounds like YOUR EXPERIENCE, find out how our TaskForce PMO can help!


Post COVID-19, many organizations will have to re-visit their talent needs and look to fill urgent gaps in their resourcing.  It’s difficult for hard-pressed internal HR and recruitment team to react, principally because of the other overheads they face.  

This is where WORKSPEND’s Taskforce PMO program comes in. We have a consultant team that can step in and help strategize and implement your contingent talent strategy. Our approach takes the concept of a Contingent Workforce Program Management Office (PMO) a stage further by equipping organizations with an advisory-led rapid-response team that’s able to bring instant oversight to large-scale talent projects in response to exceptional circumstances.


WORKSPEND is a global talent acquisition and management teams specializing is creating on-demand workforce solutions for our domestic and international customers.  We’re ready to step-in and assist you by fulfilling your short and long-term talent sourcing needs.  Our recruiters operate a 24/7 service delivery model and we hold a database of over 12 million talented individuals looking for new career horizons.  We provide Market intelligence, and different strategies to adapt to the environments with different political and regulatory environments. In addition, we have:

  • Access to leading talent software platforms and tools
  • People with experience in implementing and managing contingent workforce programs (or workforce only)
  • The resources to support your organization: Global presence, with a recruiter workforce in the US and India
  • Agile teams that can empathize, design, test, implement very quickly
  • We are big enough to deliver, and small enough that “Failure is not an option”


 Our modular service delivery approach means you only pay for the solution you need, while we can offer a total solution to the task of designing and operating a talent acquisition and management solution for your enterprise.


One of the areas WORKSPEND stands out is in its thoroughly documented and well-proven processes. We’re always happy (under NDA) to share with our clients in full our operating procedures, policies and work instructions. This transparency helps clients to understand how it is we’re able to achieve such a high level of performance more cost-effectively than any of our larger rivals.


While we’ve fine-tuned our methods and technology tool-set to deliver the highest results, it’s the quality and passion of our people that really makes Workspend stand-out from its competitive rivals. To experience that level of passion, curiosity, and commitment yourself, get in touch and see how we can help you.