Payroll Process Outsourcing

Your payroll is quite possibly your biggest single operating expense.  Don’t leave it to chance.  Learn how WORKSPEND can service your contingent workforce with a transparent, fit-for-purpose solution that’s able to adapt and grow with your business.

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What is it? 

Organizations that rely on a flexible workforce to maximize their productivity and balance productivity across their enterprise, already see the many advantages of embracing a contingent workforce as part of their talent portfolio.  Sometimes, the volume of contracts, difficulties in maintaining cost control, and the enormous administrative burden created by embracing so many individuals and small suppliers ‘to get work done’ can make Payroll Process Outsourcing or a full Employer of Record (EoR) solution the best-fit answer.  Payroll Process Outsourcing happens when some or all of your administration is passed to a specialist third-party provider like WORKSPEND. We offer a series of solution packages – and a modular technology ecosystem based on best-of-breed components – that will integrate with your existing business infrastructure to deliver payroll services each pay cycle.

While every Workspend PPO is tailored to client needs, the key building blocks of our service include to:

Scope your payroll requirements and designing a best-fit service delivery solution
Help establish base-line performance data (so you can measure how well you’re improving)
Market your brand attractive to the talent you need
Minimize payroll costs
Manage day-to-day operations, risk, and governance – to ensure indirect sourced workers are paid
Manage compliance, risk, and governance
Expose and report on any inconsistencies and abuse
Prevent over-paying for talent by reporting on market rates
Operate the technology platform needed to automate and optimize processes


It’s important to work with a partner that understands your business and fulfils payroll duties as a core business activity. WORKSPEND operates as an enterprise PPO partner to Fortune 2000 companies and has developed an unrivalled portfolio of client services, underpinned by proven processes and technology tools that streamline and fine-tune payroll duties, equipping our business to operate at a lower cost of operation to our rivals.

 Clients select WORKSPEND for W2s because they know we fully appreciate just how valuable this talent pool (the payroll population) is to our clients. They possess significant subject-matter expertise; often with many of the population having worked previously for your organization.  An experienced workforce management partner with global reach, WORKSPEND operates in the United States, Asia, Africa, Middle-East and Europe.

How do you know you need a PPO?

You know when you need a Payroll Process Outsourcer for your contingent workforce when:

Administrative and corporate capacity burdens far exceed ‘cost of doing business’ acceptable levels
Your leadership team wants to see more transparency over indirect spend
Changes to legislative frameworks (and the law) make risks of co-employment and non-compliance too great
The number of supplier relationships makes the overheads of managing an on-demand workforce untenable
‘Getting the way’ between the organization and agencies that do the hard work to find hard-to-reach talent

If this sounds like YOUR EXPERIENCE.  Get in touch and discover why WORKSPEND is different. 

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As the term suggests, a Payroll Process Outsourcer takes on the responsibility of managing your payroll.  In our case, we specialize in managing payroll for contingent workers; with thousands of individuals today employed by WORKSPEND around the globe.  

Sometimes, payroll can become a business challenge or risk that’s better delivered by entrusting it to an organization that does it as a core discipline.  Payroll is a big cost, and when not done well, it can emerge as a big business-continuity risk too!  It makes sense to find a partner that works with some of the most recognized brands in the world; a company that’s able to act in the capacity of a Payroll Process Outsourcer or Employer of Record for your contractor workforce population.  But handing across the responsibility of managing payroll for your indirect workforce to a third party is an important decision with associated risks and implications.

Extending opportunities for individuals to work as contractors to work as contractors for your organization can benefit your enterprise – and the individual, giving them the ability to improve their work-life balance and manage their work-life on their own terms.  

Our thoughtfully-designed Payroll Process Outsourcing and Employer of Record solutions include comprehensive on-boarding.  From the moment an individual on-boards with us, they’ve access to everything they need.  We make sure through our ‘Work-Life Adventure’ brand approach that all of our W-2s know they are (proudly) employees of WORKSPEND and they will be treated as a colleague, not a number. 


You might wonder why having a pioneering spirit matters in our world. We think it comes down to our passion for innovation and our relentless pursuit of improvements in outcomes and how we achieve them. You will experience the difference our pioneering approach makes at your first Quarterly Business Review – and the second, and the third., and the fourth..,


One of the areas WORKSPEND stands out is in its thoroughly documented and well-proven processes. We’re always happy (under NDA) to share with our clients in full our operating procedures, policies and work instructions. This transparency helps clients to understand how it is we’re able to achieve such a high level of performance more cost-effectively than any of our larger rivals.


While our LEAN MSP operating model is thoroughly punctuated by the most advanced technology platforms available on the market today, it’s the quality and passion of our people that really makes Workspend stand-out from its competitive rivals. To experience that level of passion, curiosity, and commitment yourself, get in touch and see how we can help you.