Three Podcasts Designed to Help You Improve Your Motivation and Workplace Productivity

Nearly every person in the country struggles with staying motivated and productive from time to time. However, if you allow these feelings to take hold, it can be hard to battle your way back without a little push.

Luckily, there are numerous podcasts that can provide you with a dose of motivation whenever the need arises, allowing you to keep moving forward and ensure you stay productive even during challenging times. If you are ready to improve your motivation and workplace productivity, here are three podcasts that can help you do just that.

The Daily Boost

If you aren’t interested in hearing the standard clichés and tropes that typically accompany motivational messages, The Daily Boost is right up your alley. Every Monday, a new episode is posted, featuring their non-traditional take on motivation. Each podcast can be downloaded for free, though a premium subscription program is always available for those interested in gathering more content.

The podcasts are fairly short, coming in at about nine minutes each, and the content is always highly accessible, full of personality, valuable information and even some humor. This keeps the material entertaining, making you more likely to enjoy what is being covered.


Recognized for his unconventional approach to life, business and leadership, Gary Vaynerchuk offers insights and wisdom through his podcast using his unique style. The content is highly informative, even bordering on edgy, and can certainly help boost the motivation levels of anyone who chooses to listen.

It is important to note that Gary Vaynerchuk is known for his use of curse words and colorful language, so don’t be surprised if you hear a few while listening to his podcast.

The Tony Robbins Project

Tony Robbins, a world-renowned motivational speaker, also produces a podcast series where he shares his wisdom and tips for leading a more successful life. The topics he covers are diverse, covering everything from health to business and more.

Typically, two new podcasts are added every month, but they are significantly longer than your average motivational piece. It isn’t uncommon for his recordings to reach the hour mark, but you don’t have to listen straight through to appreciate the content. Plus, his style is very engaging, making the longer runtimes a non-issue, as you may be surprised at how quickly you are drawn in.

If you are struggling with staying motivated and productive at the workplace, consider downloading a few of the podcasts listed above and see if you aren’t inspired. They are full of insightful information and are delivered with great style, making them a great way to start, end or propel yourself through a tough day.

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