How Can You Improve Your Company Culture in 2018 to Retain Your Best Employees?

Most professionals see their workplace as more than just a source of a paycheck, valuing the company’s culture as much (if not more) than the amount they receive as a salary. This means, if you want to retain your best and brightest employees, your culture needs to meet their needs and expectations. Otherwise, they may seek out new opportunities and, inevitably, head out the door.

While crafting an exceptional company culture sounds challenging, it isn’t as complicated as many believe, as it is mostly a reflection of what is considered acceptable or preferred behavior. Here are some tips designed to help you keep your top performers on board.

Define Your Core Values

If you don’t have a comprehensive values statement, now is the time to create one. Your values identify what is important to the business, including how you interact with your community and employees as well as core expectations you may have in place. This gives everyone a set of guiding principles that can steer their interactions, general mindset, and behavior. However, the values you identify must be attainable and realistic. Otherwise, the positive effect is lost.

Identify Problem Areas

In cases where your culture is suffering, leading skilled professionals to seek out opportunities elsewhere, it’s crucial to identify the primary problem areas, so you can work on crafting a plan to resolve them. At times, these issues are easy to spot but, in others, they can be hard to pin down.

One method for gaining clarity is to have open and honest discussions with your workforce, gathering their input regarding problem areas, and even potential solutions. If your employees aren’t comfortable speaking openly, then an anonymous survey can yield similar results. However, conversations should be seen as the preferred approach, as this demonstrates that management cares about their opinions and wants to engage them regarding the issues.

Create Clear Paths for Growth

Typically, if someone feels that their job is a dead end, they aren’t going to be pleased with the culture. Feeling stuck in their current positions often leads them to assume that management doesn’t care about their progression, and that can damage the organization’s reputation while increasing stress among the staff.

Remedying this issue usually involves creating clear paths for growth, including programs that support professional development, eliminating silos to allow talented workers to branch out, and even creating mentorship opportunities to help mold employees with potential. All of these efforts show that the company wants their employees to keep moving forward, a point that many talented professionals will appreciate.

Acknowledge Achievements and Hard Work

Employees value recognition, as this demonstrates that their efforts are appreciated, and their contributions are valued. Without acknowledgment, some professionals may doubt that their hard work and achievements are being noticed by members of management, and that can be harmful to morale.

Typically, providing recognition is easy. It can be anything from saying “thank you” or “good job” when they complete a challenging project to offering raises or bonuses to top performers. Examine which options make sense for your company, then do your best to integrate them into your day-to-day.

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