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Facts on the Future of Work

1. 40% of the average worker’s skills will need to be updated to meet the demands of future labour markets. (Weforum)

2. 70% would consider using treatments to enhance their brain and body if this improved employment prospects in the future. (Pwc)
3. The share of women in the workforce is projected to reach 47.2% in 2024, and the number of men in the workforce is expected to slightly decrease to 52.8% in 2024. (Bls)
4. 23% say ‘doing a job that makes a difference’ is most important to their career. (Pwc)
5. The Future of Jobs Report projects that by 2025, humans and machines will both work for an equal amount of hours. 85 million roles are set to be displaced by automation primarily across manual or repetitive roles spanning both bluecollar and whitecollar jobs from assembly factory workers to accountants. (Weforum)

6. Employers that support their peoples’ lives overall enjoy a 23% increase in the number of employees reporting better mental health, plus a 17% increase in the number of employees reporting better physical health. (Gartner)

7. 37% are worried about automation putting jobs at risk up from 33% in 2014. (Pwc)

8. 64% of managers believe that employees working in the office are higher performers than remote workers and give the inoffice workers a higher raise. (Forbes)

9. 65% of children now entering primary school will hold jobs that currently don’t exist. (Weforum)

10. Remote fulltime workers from both 2019 and 2020 (Pre- and post-pandemic) are 5% more likely to be high performers than those who work from the office. (Forbes)

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