Why Every Employer Should Conduct a Thorough Background Check When Hiring a New Employee

Most businesses perform some level background check before they offer a candidate a position. Usually, this includes an examination of the job seeker’s criminal record or contacting their references.

While these steps are important, they don’t encompass the entire scope of a thorough background check. There are many other points that should be looked over before an offer is extended. Here’s why.

Half-Truths, Lies and Omissions

Everyone would like to believe that every candidate is upfront about their history. However, even if it isn’t commonplace, some job seekers aren’t as honest as they should be in their application materials.

Maybe they thought it wasn’t a big deal to claim they have a college degree when they actually left school a few credits shy or didn’t imagine that adding a few months to their work history, allowing them to close a gap, would be noticed by a hiring manager. Maybe it’s their dream job, but they aren’t actually qualified, so they decided to add credentials or skills they simply don’t possess.

While the majority of job seekers are honest, some do have incorrect information on their resumes or applications. Others choose not to list certain facts hoping they won’t be discovered. If you want to make sure what they’ve stated is true, and the person is perfectly capable of handling the duties associated with the position, you have to conduct a thorough background check.

Personality and Cultural Fit

Performing reference checks allows you to do more than just verify a person’s employment history; it also allows you to gain insights into their personality while in the workplace. Since cultural fit has become a bigger point of focus over recent years, using this form of background check to find out how the job seeker acts when they are on the job is an excellent way to assess their personality beyond what you experienced in the interview.

Since questions regarding cultural fit predominately seem innocuous, most references will speak freely about the candidate, giving you a chance to find out what environment or management style may suit them best. Then, you can make an offer to a candidate who not only has the right skills, but also the personality to thrive in your culture.

Ultimately, a thorough background check should be part of every company’s hiring process. While we don’t want to believe a job seeker would be intentionally deceptive, it does occur. A thorough background check helps you spot these individuals before they make their way into your workplace, where you will learn about their shortcomings the hard way.

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