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September 19-20, 2022 | The Omni | Dallas, TX

Living with the Great Resignation

Many saw the Great Resignation as an inevitable one-time event to right size economies. It was followed by a significant change in working habits and behaviors. History, however, is likely to see the Great Resignation as no less than the starting point of a new industrial age; the gig economy, characterized by individualism, task-based working, and the swan song of a job for life.

    Meet us on Stand 307 to book a free consulting session with one of our CCWP certified consultants to review your post-pandemic external workforce management options and experience the difference of working with a women-led flexible Managed Service Provider (MSP).

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      • How can you ensure that an external workforce delivers the business continuity, low risks, and high results your shareholders demand?
        • How can your business turn external workforce management into a strategic imperative to find the talent it needs?

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